When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

            Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to hack our mind from the sense of quitting and how to restart our incomplete understanding towards a difficult problem, as we know human being are the emotional creature, they can do whatever they want to do, the problem is when they already found the dead end of their target, they don't bear enough to see a problem, they see the mental pain instead, as a result, they can't create differentiation between what they did in the past with the last result they keep doing, in my insight; "don't let failure and success come together to your mind, you must get rid them to the past, not in the present, if you possess the right mindset like that, I am sure you will forget how much tough time you need and you don’t know how to quit because you r mind enjoys in every moment of your elevation", we must have the unwavering faith when we start something new, the main reason why we must possess good faith because it can clear our mind from fogging of the past experience, we can't produce an idea when our mind is fulled up with the sense of distress or the sense of anxiety.

          Remember; making a new change is really hard because our mindset is not compatible with new resources, we need to adapt with new resources until our habit can reach the new resources, if we see in the reality, many people just start something new but they don't focus how to finish the process till the end, if we prefer to start and underestimate how to finish what we start, our mind will be haunted with the sense of quitting, that's frightening thing, here is the key how to remember what you start; don't think about the good thing will happen, but think what if your masterpiece is leaving you without notifying you before, your job is how to keep your momentum of skill is going, that's the most effective method how to control our mind from unwanted experience in the future, remember this note; the main cause why we feel quitting not because we can't continue what we start, but we always demand the result too early, when you demand the result too early, your mind goes dead because your mind can't absorb the new resources, in fact every new resources is used to attract the wealthy mind,  that's the application of the law of cause and effect.

         If you think money is the best solution, why do people still get hungry about money? because most people only pursue their satisfaction, not trying to fulfill their emotional intelligence, if you know the basic rule of the emotional intelligence's fundamental, you won't pursue money because you understand money can't be attracted with experience and knowledge only, but money can be attracted with masterpiece you have built and there is something valuable you deserved, you must remember that money has an authority, money needs the solution because money itself has own problem, so you must prepare that the quantity of money needs the quality of your emotional intelligence, if you feed your emotional intelligence with adversity, rejection, and mistake, then money will follow you because you have built the empty room for money, as i told earlier; money is problem, not best solution, here is the rule to let you move forward; your capability must be bigger than self-satisfaction, the more you inject your mind with bigger responsibility and bigger capability, the money will pursue you and you will forget about the sense of quitting.

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