When you forgive, you heal yourself

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to forgive ourselves from the past unwanted condition and how to heal ourselves from the unwanted situation, as we know that every human has ever tasted the unpleasant thing, sometimes we can't deal with unpleasant thing because we always receive a safe game where it teaches you how to live cautiously in this life, remember this note; when you take a safe game only, you will never get healed from that condition because you don't need the pain, when you never get pain, you will stop learning something, finally you never get enlightened when you walk around in the society, in fact, the healing treatment is like the enlightenment's principle, when you never approach the enlightenment, you will be living in the darkness life, that's law, if we talk about spirituality, everything bad becomes good because it can be used to make you think better, work smarter and clean your mind from the mediocre treatment, remember this note; the sense of happiness can't be used as the good reference to recognize anybody's capability, all people need to be tested with adversity in order to measure how much lesson they can earn, if the sense of happiness is rewarded to every human being, how human give respond when the sense of happiness is gone, the true test of life are suffering, practice and adversity.

Remember this note; life will not ask you to like what you receive, but life will not stop giving you something different when you keep strengthen your resources until it is ready to be used up, only you can make your resourcefulness to be ready, don’t let your past injury will break your future hope, life doesn’t care when you don't care about your future, life will suppress your outer world if you don’t challenge your inner world to do something sucks, “the more you challenge yourself to work harder than you do on the job, the more you know what to do and not to do for your future”, everything what you deserve will be ready if you know how to handle other people's problem, your masterpiece will be meaningless if it can't be used to enlighten other people's ignorance, Almighty God will work for you if you have the life mission like what God has had, you must have the life mission in order to make your life is better, if you just curse something you have, you will be cursed when you don’t have something.

 Please heal yourself by not comparing something you have with something other people have, all you need to do if you want to heal yourself is “demanding yourself to possess new resources where most people don’t possess it, that’s the challenge how to improve your life mission”, sometimes forgiving what you don’t understand about new information is really irritated, but if you do not let go what makes you irritated, your mentality is going to grow, don’t let small mind will dominate your big mind which it is telling you to stop your learning process, wherever you are ready or not, life will lend you a challenge in order to clear your mind from the past injury, when you break your comfort zone, you will meet a bigger comfort zone where it is trying to stop your maturity, remember; money is problem, past is problem, time is problem, future is problem, if you act like the universe's principle, you will be healed automatically because the universe believes that you can solve problem.


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