You can’t get win the game if you just imagine how to play

          Hi smart people, good day, I hope you always a good day, today I would like to share about how to win the game, as we know life is offering many games, such as working at company as employee, working at stock market investor, the real estate investment agency, chef, banker, CEO, a tour guide, salesman, zookeeper, etc. all games are designed to educate human being how to survive and game is offering the highest expectation in order to let people stay in the same for long time without planning how to learn from any risk, in fact, there is no game can offer you a true happiness when the game offers the act of risk averse, a good game will give you the sense of pleasure whereas the spectacular game needs risk in order to persuade people to create wealth from their enthusiasm, in my insight; don't just play a safe game which tells you to satisfy the result in the short term period, as a result, your mentality won't grow, if you play a spectacular game which offers you a huge setback, difficult and risk, as a result, you will not be the same person again because you have enriched your skill with the unpleasant thing, i have ever shared in another articles, every game is designed to make you comfort, if you find the game which increases your sense of curiosity, your life will be so magnificent because you love to embrace new challenge and new problem, when you learn from problem, unwittingly your mind will encircle them with courage, discipline, determination, etc

If you really want to win the game of life, don’t just play the favorite game from most people whom played it earlier, you must try to play the unfavorable game, if you win the game that most people won’t try it, that’s your unique game, you must play the game of life which can’t stop your enthusiasm or it can increase your sense of unique, remember this note; the unique game will triple down your talent, whereas the safe game will stop your talent because it will prevent you to produce an idea from your imagination, you must create your own wealth by practicing over and over again and let your game will create the biggest contribution to other people's lives, the spectacular game doesn’t let the time to stop you even you have faced the failure over and over again, sometimes you need to isolate yourself from the pollution of crowded people in order to find your lost treasure in your mind, if you keep playing the game which can't increase your own creation, your mental age won’t grow up, don’t let it happen with you, you are only living once on earth, not twice, you must find your mastery by embracing a new problem that it can attract your great spirit, conquer that game’s strategy and rule the game's rule until your wisdom, your confidence and your aptitude are working for you.

Play the game of life what you choose, you work for your skill until the whole world are giving you a trust or some credits, here is the type of game I recommend you to play, the first game is “working for your freedom, not for a daily necessity", if you choose to work for your freedom, you will not get failure because you don't choose to taste it, I have seen many people's lives are trapped from their job because they work for necessity, when they spend their major time for it, they can't differentiate between past moment and the future's moment, it's very dangerous thing, the main reason why I recommend you not to work for a daily necessity because it will stop your self-mastery, but if you are willing to work harder for your freedom, time can't stop your mastery, finally your skill will attract big money for your freedom.


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