Your degree is just a piece of paper, your education is seen in your behavior

Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to identify your degree and how to identify your education, the main purpose why I choose that topic because many people are feeling proud when they have collected a high education level, but "unfortunately most of them don't know how to apply their degree in their behavior because they think degree of education will give them a life guarantee and give them happiness", in fact, your degree can't give what your soul needs, most young people don’t realize that their habits can lead them to the place where it provides something they deserve, not giving something greater than they can deserve, I have shared to other people about this idea, "don’t start new habit until you realize what you are planning ahead because every habit will lead your soul to the unknown circumstance where you have never been there", beware of your daily habit because sometimes it will not let you stopped by doing something you like and sometimes habit can crush your future if you keep growing your bad habit, your education is born from your good personality.
Good personality creates idea and education

Remember; our behavior is product from our daily habit, if you let your habit keeps working without you can control it, you will become self-destructing robot, you must identify your habit whether it can increase what your spiritual needs and you must adapt yourself with a real change because real change offers the hardest thing to do, remember; if your education can’t create a real change and can’t produce a good idea, your degree is just piece of paper, real change equals with uncomfortable and your education is seen in your adapting process, when your behavior can educate yourself how to keep your creation is alive and brings meaningful story to other people's lives, means you must defend your good value because your behavior can become one of your best asset for future, I have ever reviewed many adult people start to educate their children when their children’s age turns 2-3 years old, when children can communicate with their parents, they start to educate their children how to play, how to write, how to read, how to write, but parents very rarely teaches their children how to make the environment is clean and how to cultivate children's spirituality with nature, here is for your note; a clean environment can evoke the children's habit and grow their spirituality, if we don’t teach children how to keep environment is clean, their spirituality don’t grow well.
real education teaches you how to discover the life's riddle and have a good personality

We must teach them how to clean the environment as soon as possible, without teaching children how to make the environment is clean and tidy, good education can’t be shaped without caring what children need the most, here is my special note for you; good education is started from the quality of your behavior, when your behavior can’t increase your curiosity and reject the truth, means you need to change your ritual and your social circle, we need to trust with a real change, sometimes a real change is really interrupting our comfort zone, that's good point, if we just follow what we love, our mental strength will reject new education, that’s very harmful to our mindset, don’t just put your lifestyle into a degree, not all degree can wake up your spirituality, you need to fight your darkness because the real enemy is coming from your ignorance and ignorance is born from your lack of curiosity towards God's wisdom.