Push yourself to do when nobody is going to do for you

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about how to push yourself to do something inspired when nobody is going to do for you, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people let their daily habit to be controlled by their expectation and they prefer to choose soul destroying job, as a result, they feel lifeless because they let the unknown circumstance to change what they can dothe main reason why most people don't want to push themselves to do something more because they don't have vision about the future plan and they have obsessed with the uninspiring dream where they have built it in their daily habit, if this condition still happens continuously; I worry they can't control where their sense of expectation goes, remember this note; if we don't do something that we think only we can finish it, the life circumstance will give us the desperate state, here is the reminder to self; don't ever feed the negative emotion with the desperate state or we will obsess with a poor mind state, every new chance in life will invite human's attention when they have no sense of the desperate state, when we grow our mood with a sense of desperate, it’s probably we never approach a new chancesometimes we need to hack our mind and chose a hard decision in order to leave our satisfaction, we need the force of friction to change our mentality, if there is no any force of friction, we can't control ourselves and automatically our mental age won't grow.

 The most important thing we should do when we face the unpleasant thing is improving our mindset and improve the mechanic we have such as our working style, our good service, our attitude skill, our speaking skill, we learn the way we associate with other people, we notice the way we dress, we change the way we spend our money, etc. Here are the good news if you can push yourself to do the difficult thing; your mental power will develop as fast as you learn about it, your life will be no dull because your life journey will be forgotten about the painful experience where it had occurred in the past moment, You need to train your mind to find solution that most people don’t have or people get afraid to dowhen you keep this kind of habit, everything you want will be transformed into reality, now the main reason why not many people want to help us to manifest our dream into reality because we don’t have any vision and any reason to be shared to themsometimes we need to evaluate about what we want to do before we share to others, prime ourselves to create something valuable is a must, we must create something simpler and understandable, so other people can absorb what you share, when we have created something that most people understand about it, other people will help us.

A sense of self-control will never happen when we don't lure it with great ambition, we must know our intelligence capacity level, we shouldn’t create a low goal or create the uninspired goal, besides that, we must attach the reasonable time to reach our clear goal, so we can monitor what we evaluate or we can improve what we need to improve, we must ensure that we have a reasonable time to control what we do, if we don’t have a reasonable time to pursue our ambition, we will lose our desire because we can’t get longevity patience, remember this note; when we push ourselves to set goal, we must ensure our goal can be measured with our deadline, furthermore, don’t let our goal can make us got desperate because it can't heal our inner world when we are willingly to take a long term plan, furthermore, don't let our opportunity is gone because of our carelessness and our casual habitthe most important goal is not fulfilling what we want, but how to give a small contribution for as many as people.

Do something more till you haven’t checked your phone

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to do something inspired till you have no time to check your phone, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people’s focus are distracted by their own cellphone, at this moment, let me share several things about the strategy what we must do before the cellphone will give us the prison cell of mind, here is the fact;  the more often people associate with their cellphone, the less people associate with the reality of life, eventually people will be passive because people too enjoy with the instant service where it's offered by cellphone's program every day, this is bad ideawherever they go to the new place, their mind are trapped by cellphone, during research, 65%-85% people's daily life are trapped in the fake happiness which it is produced by cellphone, as a result people can't learn something from daily miracle where it is happening every daywhen cellphone is trying to take someone's focus away from the target, people's enthusiasm will be moved to the cellphone and unwittingly people will postpone to finish their daily goal, at same time people don't realize that the future will create the unproductive activity and the future put the unproductive activity into the people daily habit, when it’s repeated regularly, it's risking people's career and the future’s growing process will be delayed because people stop making the progress.

Remember this note; before you postpone something valuable, imagine that you will lose your last opportunity on earth at that time, if there is something valuable that can bring a big impact in your life, you must prioritize to do it or your life will be lifeless. when you delay something means to you, at the same time your future‘s growing process will be delayed, that’s life system, You need to ensure that there is nobody or something will distract your focus once you start something, before you turn off your cell phone, make sure you don’t have any appointment with people or your client during 24 hour of your time, after that, you need to monitor about your life journey whether it can satisfy you or not within 10 years ago till now, when your life didn’t satisfy you or it couldn’t give something bigger than your expectation, means, there is something wrong with your philosophy, in daily life, you need to analyze about what you learn and who you are studying with, the main reason why we must check it because they can be part of your life history, sometimes we need to behave like a curious child who wants to know about what future wants, remember this note; the cellphone will not destruct your focus as long as you check it later after you finish your all targets, all interruptions don't come from the interruption maker, but it comes from our wrong philosophy.
Don't just do something what you love, but love what your goals want 

Please don’t judge something bad when you have finished because everything you do according to what your focus works for you, sometimes we need to immobilize our satisfaction in order to achieve big achievementdon’t let our willpower will be stolen by something we don’t know where it comes from, the cellphone is not part of the interruption maker, but it is designed to test our focus whether it is strong enough or not during facing the life problem, in my personal advice, if we think there is something we can’t control, we must let it go away from us because it will get our condition worse when we still hold itif there is something is really attracted by our attention, it doesn't mean we need to struggle for getting it immediately because not all attractive things can bring peace for us, we need to focus about what our soul wants from us, not what we think it must be done, don't get stressed if we don't get what we want because not all what we want deserves us, all we need to do right now is how to make ourselves is ready to feel the painful experience in the reality of life and how to leave good legacy and leave the inspiring story to the next generation? I think that's critical question we need to ponder.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to know where our life journey is going, how to shape a better career and how to create a better future, the main reason why i choose that topic because future is always mysterious and unpredictable, at the present time, we need to have a clear vision and prime our personality to face the future's challenge because this life isn’t talking about how to create happiness or finding hobby, but this life is talking how to survive in the middle of endless patience and endless suffering, remember this note; we can’t create a better life by finding something that it doesn't belong to us, but all we need to prepare is how we create a better personality and let the life is interested with our positive vibes and let the life shapes our personality to be more attractive than our expectation, we can’t utilize something valuable in this life until we build our better personality, do you know why? because life needs the human's productive habit such as “Practice and Observe”, if we don’t use both habit, we can’t make a new experience and we can't have survival skill, As I observed, very few people can understand how the life works, do you know why? because they can't occupy their mind to the life journey and they just satisfy what their expectation wants, that's problem.
train your mind by occupying new problem, not filling it with your expectation

          Remember; time can’t give a big picture to the future, but by using the human vision and an attractive personality, it can give a big picture about what human need to prepare for the future, life will count the human's activity as long as they prepare some solutions to handle the future's challenge, the circumstance will change our season when we don't invest a good seeds for the future, good seeds are like the knowledge, build the communication skill, build the relationship skill, build a better personality, etc. That’s requirement we need to obey if we want to get a better vision, maybe we will doubt about how the future works and maybe we don’t believe about our independence skill, as long as we train our faith and train our mind to experience with a painful experience, everything impossible becomes possible because the sign of God already been there, I call it as the exit strategythe power of faith is like the pull force where it is designed by God to drag what human want from the future to the present time, whereas the power of imagination is designed by God to produce a new life and it can facilitate what human wants and also the power of imagination can help human how to convert the human's vision into reality, unfortunately not everyone can access the power of imagination and the power of faith because most of them are too obsessed about short term plan and they don’t have any big goal to be done consistently.

Remember this note; as long as human don’t have any enthusiasm to work with the power of imagination and the power of faith, they can't create a better personality, when they don't possess a better personality, everything they see will create a blur picture, that's frightening thing, don't ever underestimate the power of better personality because it can attract God's wisdom automatically, when we can possess God's wisdom, every big problem around us will become a small problem, our life journey is like the clay, whatever we want it, the future will absorb our best design, don’t argue with the temporary result when we get feedback from the future because whatever we do at this time is the part of progress, here is my special note; all result what we got based on our quality of our emotional development, if we want to get a better personality, we must change our philosophy and change our daily ritual because our quality of desires come from philosophy and daily ritual, after we invest our resources to the time, we are not entitled to interrupt the time’s job, let the time works as it usually does and we must believe the process.

Do it now, sometimes later becomes never

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to focus to do something that it means to you, as we know many people have many target in their career, they spend their time to learn something, they want to get promotion, they want to get recognition from other people, they want to get respect, etc. But unfortunately they don’t realize that the word "want" is the part of a toxic incantation, they should change from "want" to become "what makes I deserved it?, that excellent advice to self, sometimes the word "want" is just part of demand of something and it doesn't tell someone to make new decision, but if we use the sentence "what make I deserved it ?" is the kind of self-demand to fulfill the goal requirement, the more someone creates self-reliance, the more problem he gets, self-reliance is the the sign of luck, when someone knows he will get luck from something great, he will prepare something for it sooner, here is the best question to create a luck ; “why do I need to finish it now? when we use this question, Our brain system will work optimally rather than it usually does, remember this note; our activity will not create the different result when we just demand someone or something to satisfy what we want, we must create the priority list for what we want to fulfill.

 Remember this clue; the more we create the priority list, the more we insist ourselves to make a better strategy and we can avoid the unproductive activity, we can't insist ourselves to grow better when we don't have any goal, a great goal can educate someone to do something extraordinary than someone who has no goal, when we urge about something we want to finish it, the sign of miracle will happen, the miracle will not happen when we act casually about what we are going to do, the more we spend more time to postpone, the more we lose our enthusiasm and we lose our desire value, in fact, the enthusiasm is the switch where it can awaken the human’s willpower and also it can help human to pull the new opportunity from the future, besides that, the enthusiasm can help human to shape a new vision and creativity in order to create a new future, in my opinion; the main problem why most people can’t get what they really want in the rest of their lives because they have spent their leisure time by waiting wake up-call and waiting the opportunity from other people, so, my opinion towards it, they don’t have a good philosophy and they lack of willpower.

Starting today, we must prioritize something bigger than our expectation because our past doesn't need us and our future really needs us, we need to prepare our skill and let Almighty God uses our masterpiece and our inborn skill to collect new opportunity, the more we get opportunity, the more we deserve to get what we really want, so if we want to get better career in the future, we must change our priority to the urgency list, imagine that the bad circumstance will happen to reality, when we train our mind with such condition, we will not dare to postpone something in our priority list, finally the word “later becomes Now”if we don’t give a design to the future about what we really want, we will get desperate and we will lose our willpower, that’s the key how to create a better future, don’t forget to create the artificial emergency plan because it can help us to monitor the progressive result.

Be careful who you trust; the devil was once an angels

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the topic "be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel" meaning of that statement is everybody has self-image and everyone has the personal right how to choose who the type of person can be trusted, the main problem why a good person often receives a bad experience during making relationship in social circle because he gives trust to people who can't give something valuable to him and he doesn't know how to pick up a good people, remember; picking up a good people are so crucial, we can't create a better life when we don't know how you apply our personality in the standards of good personality, here is the simple criteria how to value a good person in the standard of good personality; someone can give something means to you and he doesn't need a return reward although he actually deserves it, if you can't meet someone with this kind of personality, at least you have to keep practicing your personality to behave a good personality such thingdon't ever try to please other people with something that they don't need it for themselves because everyone has different standard of how to build self-esteem, but if you can provide something that most people actually need it but they can't afford to do, you will become the center of resources in the future, remember this; good people will always appreciate your good service and they will get curious about what you already share to them, especially you share something critical and meaningful to the humanity's big impact.

       Sometimes being kind to anybody is not a must but we can show our respect or giving a good service to them although they don’t need it for themselves at this moment, but giving a good service has different view with giving trust, you can behave a polite to everyone but not giving a trust to everyone, you know why? giving trust is like giving the knife, you can't provide trust to everyone who doesn't have any standard of good personalitywhen you just trust to anybody else without knowing whether they belong a good person or not, it's the same thing you let anyone to stab you in the back with your knife,  trust can become the useful knife when you know how to use it by freeing people come out from their own problem and you leave a memorable scratch to their memory and they remember your trust, remember this note; beware everything you trust because it can shape your destiny, you can’t get value from anything when you just give a trust to type of person who can’t be trusted, remember; giving a trust is like giving someone an access to enter your great empire where it contains your qualified soul and your qualified mind, you must know the type of person who will enter your great empire, trust can’t be exchanged with the worldly stuff or something expensive, but trust can be exchanged by giving a good service.

Here is important note; you don't need to be trusted by everyone, as long as you can provide a good service where they need it so much at anytime, they will trust it automatically, don't bother to think about whether other people will trust you or not, as long as you work like the time’s working principle, the whole world will trust you, not exception, let me share to you several things about the time’s working principle; the first principle; time always works punctually although there is nobody will appreciate its existence, the second principle; time is incorruptible, the third principletime can work optimally not just because time needs big promotion or recognition from other people’s credit, but time devotes itself with the one clear purpose, the fourth principletime is always be accountable by doing something without needing any surveillance, the fifth principle; time can do something valuable when most people often underestimate it.

How to play the game of financial freedom

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to play the game of financial freedom, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people just want to get the financial freedom’s status, even though they think their goal is good for them, but there is something wrong with their goal, you know why? Because their goal doesn't indicate a solution, it indicates about the human's desire instead, if their goal doesn't have a concept how to build long term solution, the problem still becomes problem, every goal must be attractive and it can inspire them, if goal can't inspire people to learn more about it, means their goals is impotent, remember this note; financial freedom is not part of solution, it's act to escape from problem, but we should built the independence skill rather than build the financial freedom's plan because the independence skill will attract the willpower and enthusiasm to conquer our misconception towards the financial freedom, when we have the independence skill, we will work better than most people who just pursue the money, do you know why? Because the independence skill will conquer our limitation and increase our potential until it will survive during facing the financial crash

If we talk about history, everybody has ever experienced the financial problem because they don't know how to distribute their money, here is the problem that most people have; they don't possess good philosophy, here is good philosophy "money doesn't need to be seduced, you need to seduce money", means "money only loves with the right person who knows exactly about what the money really wants, money doesn't like to be chased with the desperate man", if people only think about how to play the game of financial freedom, money will risk the human's lives by making people to pursue money and trap the human's satisfaction into the financial crash", remember this note; financial freedom's plan will not give anybody to get freedom because every day people need to fund for daily needs, fund for rent, fund for credit card, fund the car / motor/life insurance, fund for education, etc. Those are part of trap for people who get seduced by their money, then people will be forced to pursue money until people got into debt, remember this note; as long as we are still alive on earth, we can’t collect the financial freedom's degree because money will provide a new problem to the people's habit and money will put the desperate cash to type of people who don't prepare their life independence skill first.

detach yourself from the financial freedom and start building a life independence skill

Remember this note; the money’s lifestyle doesn’t need to be saved, but the money's cash flow needs to be diversified into a wider range of product, interest, skill in order to reduce risk which may impact to the human’s life independence skill, the financial crisis comes from the lack of independence skill, the financial trend is like the big sea wave, sometimes we need to learn how to swim before the big sea wave will come and drown us, in reality life, when we know how to build a life independence skill, unwittingly we can seduce money to work for our behalf, if we don't want to learn how to seduce money to work, we will be drowned by financial crash and we will be forced to accept the desperate cash, here is the note for reminding us; if we don’t make preparation for a life independence skill, our lifestyle will be boredom and lifeless, hopefully after you read this article, you and your beloved people know how to survive during facing the financial trend is down.

What are powers in math?

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to discover the power of math, as we know the math belongs to the compulsory subject from kindergarten school, primary school, secondary high school, senior high school and the university, but what is the importance in math rather than other compulsory subject? At this moment let me explain what are powers in math? The first advantage you will receive when you study math; your brain’s logical system will work faster 20% than you are studying other subject at school because math has offered many complexity, such as number, line, graphic, angle, algorithm, adding, subtracting, dividing and the complex number, maybe some people will hate to study math, but it’s very good for the human’s brain nutrition because math can increase human's brain data processing input faster than studying another compulsory subject which it is taught by teacher at the formal education system, but remember this note; math is created not to make the human get more foolish, but it’s opposite, math can help human to reconcile between reality and chaos within their mind.

If you embrace math, I am sure you will find many new difficulties and you will feel chaotic, that’s normal process, the main reason why I say it’s normal process because our potential aren't ready to accept new difficulties, so we need some friction to adapt with new difficult by awakening our spirituality and our new habit, remember this note; there is no master was not beginner, so there is nobody will have success DNA since they were born on earth because success itself comes from the personal's nurturing process,  here is the second advantage you will receive when you study math; your lifestyle will never feel bored because your mind will be curious about the life’s challenge, your mind loves to discover with new riddle where most people don’t learn it,  here is the third benefit you will receive when you study math; your mind will reject the information where it doesn’t offer with the uninspiring story and math will give you the rational mind process to select which valuable information should be taken, sometimes we need to select about the new information which may attract our attention because every information will influence our mind thinking process and we shape our future based on how much valuable information we have learned, not all information are valuable to be remember, if we notice everything where it doesn’t be needed by our soul, it would boomerang on ourselves because it can break our focus, hurt our serenity and also it can attract the unwanted disaster where it doesn’t be needed by us.

Starting today, don’t let your children or your family member will hate about math, you can give them a story and big benefit to them that math will give them specialization to the future's career, besides that, math can help human how to make the rational decision than to make the emotional decision, here is the fourth benefit you will receive when you study math; math can give you the power of meticulous and it will help you to predict your best decision when your position is stuck in the difficult situation, in the daily life, math can help human how to visualize the picture of their creativity accurately based on the reality, passion and vocation, here is for your note; the more you love about the numbers, the more you appreciate about your money calculation and care about your future business plan, besides that, here is the fifth benefit when you study math; math can educate you how to work based on the reality, not by taking a careless error or careless judgment and math will give you a different point of view how to think towards problem, I think those are the power of math based on my research. 

How to win at life

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to win at life, the main reason why I choose this topic because many people lose the opportunity from the life challenge, now let me explain how to change our lives from being unfortunate, now if we look at the reality life; some of them get easily depressed from race against the clock, some people are difficult to find love, some people are rejected from applying the job, some people are failed during being participant at audition selection, some people can’t get better salary from the company they work, etc. Those are symptoms that they are going to lose from the life battle, if human don't keep striving for what they want, they will cry for what they want because they are pushed to wear what they don't want to wear, those life lessons will put human to the rock bottom and they can't get out from that desperate zone until human are willingly to learn more, get curious more, evaluate more, make progress more than they know something in their past, people can't win from the life battle when they just use their same thinking level to fight for what they want, they need the friction to let people breaking their own mindset and do soul searching, sometimes people need their biggest fear in order to upgrade their independence / life skillthe main reason why people can’t win in every life challenge because they don't consider their life journey like the sea, to win in every battle in the sea, they need to keep swimming or they will be drowned in the sea.
The future will work for human's lives when people give a life design to the future

The criteria how to win at life's challenge, people must understand about the life’s wisdom, life will declare to people “I always provide something you deserve, hopefully you are ready to accept my gift, as long as I am still alive, there is hope for you, if you are not ready to accept my gift, I will give you little bit fear, so you must do something or your fear will get bigger”, means, we need to prepare our independence skill and give a design to the life before we are pushed to choose the uncomfortable design from life, so we must design our lives to the future before life will give design to us, we must beware of what we want to wear, such as we need to observe our lifestyle, we observe our social circle, etc. Don't let life will give something to us that we don't deserve it, don’t just become snob, he is very proud by saying clearly he is more important than anyone else, remember this note; life needs creator, if there is no creator, everything is lifeless and it's impossible to walk by itself, imagine that you want to create product and invent something valuable, if you want to see your product keeps existing in this world, you need to create new life by cultivating your product every day such as keep practicing your talent, applying your good philosophy into reality, monitoring your daily habit, etc.
The more you get higher limitation, the more expensive your ability

To win something in life, there must be a limitation where it can drag you back from the target, it's normal because limitation is designed not to keep you locked forever in the area, but limitation is designed to know whether your potential is ready or not to accept the challenge, if your potential is not ready, you can't do anything better in your career and you will find a deep emotional distress, remember this note; everybody has limitation, when limitation is higher than your potential, then you will not get any positive result from that limitation except giving you the lasting sense of comfort, every limitation in human being is designed to protect something where it has been owned by human and reject new information from outside, even though limitations don't have ability to produce the result what you want, but your limitation can be destroyed if your conscious mind gives a sense of burdening of suffering that it is greater than the limitation's strength, remember this note; limitation doesn't intend to limit your potential, it has only protect its self from the threat of great power which may threaten it's existence, when you are willingly to work very hard, you will definitely feel pain because you already tear the seal of your limitation, do you know why limitation insists to protect you from the pain or suffering because there is a new life that wants to be born, we can call a new life as a Gift where it can help you to access the God's unlimited wealth.

Nature doesn’t need people but people need nature

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the topic “Nature doesn't need people, but people need nature" the meaning of that title is "nature is the mother of the human's skill and nature will provide what people really need when people fulfill what nature wants”, that's justice, if we can’t provide what life really wants, we will build the desperate mindset, the first thing we need to do when we want our life’s journey is moving forward; we need to leave the unproductive habit in the past and we need to tie ourselves with goals that we have never reached before, I think this method is efficient because it can develop the human's habit and enrich the human's knowledge, the law of nature is very powerful when it is often to be applied in the human's daily habit, based on the nature’s law, repetition and consistency will create self-commitment, as we know self-commitment is the basic rule where it had been designed by God to give what human deserve, without any commitment's existence, human don't have any chance to make new evolution in their life history, self-commitment is the powerful force because it can create the differentiation between the human's future and the human's enthusiasm. 

 If we can apply and learn from the nature’s habit, our sense of satisfaction will be immobilized and our power of focus will increase by itself, that's the lawI can assure you that your life will become magnificent if you pick up one of the nature's habit like self-commitment, remember this note; the law of nature is designed not only can give a good service to people’s basic necessities, but also the nature can give a bad service when there is evil purpose from human’s purpose, in my opinion; don’t play casually with self-commitment because it’s the law of nature, people can't create a better future when they don't know how to make self-commitment with their time zone, the law of nature will give reaction when there is the human's commitment, every reaction can't be manipulated with human's skill, remember this note; we don’t need to pursue the end result because giving the end result is the part of the nature’s system, it’s not part of human’s responsibility, so we are not allowed to interfere or break the system, we are just recommended to work on our dream or we invent the masterpiece where it can be utilized to help others people’s business, it's work ethic.

 the law of nature isn’t having an egoistic characteristic, so as human being, we have to sell our skill like what the nature does, the main reason why the nature is always becoming the success model forever because it always selling its gorgeous skill to human and other creatureswe must design our philosophy in order to keep us stay away from the negativity, keep working like the nature does is the answer how to approach God's wisdom, sometimes we need to create new perceive about the law of nature in order to clear our faith from doubt, if our faith are filled with doubt, our vision gets lost, basically the human's daily job are like the farmers in the rice field,  they are sowing the seeds, cultivating the land with fertilizer, cutting the weeds from the land and reaping the outcome, now I understand little bit why most people are not wealthy in the rest of their life because they don't want to study how to sow the good seeds, they prefer to live in their expectation zone than living in the wisdom zone, in the reality, most poor people are cultivating their mindset with unproductive habit and doing the unproductive ritual, remember; poor people always reject the law of nature, that's the reason they get poor.

You must change what you are sowing to change what you are reaping

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to change what we are sowing to change what we are reaping, the main reason why we need to change what we are sowing because the result will be returned to us based on the accurate calculation, we can’t deny that reality, when we do a good deed to others, the good shall be returned to us, when we do the evil to others, the evil shall be returned to us, it's law of nature, based on the nature's characteristic, nature can heal the human's mental condition when they change the purpose and life will hurt the human's mental condition when people resist the law of nature, now we already find the main problem why people can't get prosperous living because they don't change what they are sowing, starting today, no matter how tough our lives, we shouldn't escape from reality, we can't change the reality but we can change what we are sowing, the more good seeds we are sowing, the more we reap than we expect, that's the simplicity of old way of life.

          Now we can detect why the major problem can't escape from people because they don't break the chain of habit, that's greatest importance, when we don't prioritize how to make the life works, life will not run optimally, the same thing goes with the plant growing time, the plant will not blossom when there is no cultivation strategy, when we only think about what we are reaping, life will not provide what we need because we don't have any chance to build something, we underestimate about our time zone, that's hereditary problem, remember this note; every human has time zone, it will start calculating the human's resource development when people take action consistently and it will stop calculating when people don't take action, that's the key to understand how the life works, basically the time zone can be used to monitor how human can utilize their skill to manifest something from imagination into reality, if we behold at the law of nature such as “the law of cause and effect”, the life says "don’t bring me what you need, but bring me some good values to me, such as discipline, courage, make a good service, unrelenting faith, dream, consistency, commitment, and many other good things, when you already give some good values to me, I will work for you, trust me", that's life's work ethic.

          This life doesn’t break its promise because life's system is designed by Almighty God, sometimes God will put little bit the sense of fear in your heart in order to insist you by cultivating your major skill for building the future, now the question is "what level your urgency?", when you don't want to create the artificial emergency plan, you will waste your effort and time will cancel the development process, now the human problem is not only talking about what they are sowing, but they still don't know how to handle their willpower, it is caused people lack of curiosity, they need the powerful force to awaken their sense of willpower, remember this; the human's willpower can't grow when there is no powerful forces from the critical environment, that's the key, when the critical environment has been adopted into the human's daily life, future will give the unimaginable wealth.

Life is too short to live other people’s dream

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to have fully fledged responsibility with your capability, you must to know that life is not talking about all rituals, habit or the favorite thing you enjoy with it, but life is talking about how you prepare for something you have never reached and how you run your own life design, we all agree that we are life’s architecture, but the question is "does everyone maximize their potential in order to run their life journey?",  life is not simple because we don't know how it works, but life will be more difficult when we prefer to live in the complexity between other people's dream and your dream, now let me explain why people's lives run ineffective because most people love to work with the easiest thing and people don’t dare to embrace new risk, this kind of ritual psychologically gives an advantage to people but it offers a greatest fearfulness in the future, why? Because they don’t educate their intellectual capacity by taking big responsibility, remember this; when there is no big responsibility, there is no power available for servicing the human’s need, when there is no power available, there is no ready potential which it can help human to solve any problem, now let me explain the main problem why people don’t dare to take big responsibility because they tend to focus about their territorial satisfaction area than they focus to use their curiosity to unveil about the future’s riddle.

Remember; the quality of your philosophy will guide you to decide what best thing you will do and your future begins depending on what you prepared in the past, at this phase, we must beware about what we believe because our faith will absorb something invisible, our happy life comes from the clearest goal we want to achieve, our faith is like the center of all authorities, the human's faith will work optimally when the individual person has own dream and live with it, if there is no concrete dream plan, we will live with uninspiring story, don't let it happen, the uninspiring story usually can't give support to what the human's soul wants, whereas the inspiring life story can strengthen the human's mental condition, good mental has ability to cure itself when it’s being hit with the problem whereas poor mental has no ability to cure itself when it’s being hit with problem, the strong faith comes from the nature, honesty, justice, dignity, spiritual intelligence and undying passion, if people don't possess them, people's lives will be tortured with any bad circumstance, life is basically neutral, depending on what people think about their time, if they can use their time so efficient, they can prolong their activity by targeting a new dream project, but when people can't use their time so efficient, they get desperate, sometimes fear becomes willpower when we put ourselves in the critical condition, we shouldn’t act casually when there is critical condition because time will never step backward.

Life will be shortened when we don’t have any focus on the big picture we created, or life will be shortened when we struggle with something that it doesn't deserve us, we must ensure about the career we choose because not all the things we can trust, sometimes we must create our dream project in order to measure how long our capability can endure and how we can maximize our hidden potential?, if we can't apply our hidden potential, it's not caused by our intelligence, but we still lack of curiosity and lack of enthusiasm, that's problem, one more thing; don't let we make a false judgment about what we can do in our career, If we put our false judgment to our own responsibility towards the dream project, our expectation will grow and we psychologically follow where our expectation begins and we will immobilize the power of dream, starting today, we need to avoid the easiest thing that we emotionally don’t need it because an ease is greater treat to progress than any hardship, we need to pursue the hardest thing where it can develop our significant value.

No one is really busy, it all depends on their priority list

He prioritizes to extinguish his burning pant, he is not busy but he is in the extreme urgency level

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to recognize the human’s activity, as I reviewed some people are very proud with their busy weekday activity, some people are busy with unproductive habit, some people are busy spending their leisure time to their hobby, some people are busy by watching other successful people, some people are busy by planning the financial demands, some people are busy by working at company until they get pension, now what's the critical point from their activity? are they feeling better about what they do?, to answer that question, we need to think about the long term period they have spent, if they just do it for pleasure only, if it's is true, in opinion; they need to stop it because it will not increase their willpower, my question to them; have they ever considered about what their future wants? If this kind of answer has not yet been answered, they will get a personal series trouble and they will have the undetected problem for everlasting, we need to consider about this question; how much the time do we need to create the future? If the activity can create the big difference and the big influence within 5 until 15 years later, that is our best time investment because our future has been created between those period of time, we must be inspired with those period or we will get the uninspiring job.

          If we talk about busy, we shouldn't connect between our activity and money first because there is a clear distinguish between the price and the value, you may hear the phrase "the price can't buy the value, but the value can buy the price", means, we must focus on our strength because it can increase our self-esteem and the value can do something than what price can't do, the price can't teach human to survive in the long period of time because the price only teaches how to magnify self-satisfaction whereas the value teach human how to possess an attractive personality, dignity, and how to increase the capital, starting today, we need to rewrite our priority list because not all busy activity can be considered as productivity, we must differentiate between how the machine works and how the human's resource works, that's very important thing to be understood because our future has been at the stakes, remember this; our biggest enemy is not about financial problem, but our enemy is our ignorance about reason why we are still alive, everything what we hear, everything what we see and everything what we feel, all its function will be asked by God through us.

Habit and self control will determine where your ultimately willpower going

          Life is not talking about how you are doing at your busy week, but life is asking you how you can endure all pains, responsibility and suffering during you are on earth, I just want to remind you; if you can handle your pain, suffering, rejection, setback, unacceptable, patience, or the discomfort thing you have ever felt, don't get stressed about it, all bad treatments are good for you because it can be used to prepare your next best season, sometimes the most valuable thing that life gives to human is usually used to make differentiation between your past and your future, if your future has drastically changed, you are not busy, but you are doing productivity, but if your past has not had the differentiation with your future, you are busy but eventually you produce nothing, remember this phrase, “what you habitually think largely determines what you will ultimately become” the powerful forces needs the power of urgency from our time investment, that's the key how to make the life ultimately works.


Don’t create limitations for your capacity, let God makes it

Let God creates limitation for you

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how not to create limitation while we are still developing our skills, what I see in the society’s lifestyle, many of us easily trust to something or someone without testing it with reality, that's the major cause will make us being deceived easily and we become a life victim, don't let limitation will stop you to grow, the sense of insecure often happens to us because we don't maximize our curiosity towards the new reference where it is trying to get into our memory, many of us prefer to create the sanctuary in order to avoid us to know something more about the valuable thing, here is why we need to keep learning and break our limitation? because our greatest fearfulness gets bigger when we lack of use of our curiosity to unveil the bad possibility which may happen in the future, we must admit that "everybody has a greatest fearfulness in the rest of life", the question is "does our greatest fearfulness tell us when it is starting to attack?" remember this note; our greatest fearfulness lies behind the sense of regret, it doesn't happen when we obsess about our good career, good life, new marriage life, happy marriage, etc. The greatest fearfulness will happen when we don't make any preparation to recognize about God's wisdom or the life purposeour regret will become our greatest fearfulness asset when we deliberately block our capacity to know more about life, instead we prioritize our satisfaction to grow.
Include what your soul needs and exclude what your satisfaction wants

         Some young people still don’t know why they need to limit their capacity , as far as I observe, they limit their capacity because they are educated by parents to follow their expectation rule, in fact, the expectation rule is designed to reject the reality, we must beware about the expectation’s role model because they are shaped to decrease the people’s productive habit, as I reviewed about the human’s lifestyle, most people prefer to live in a mood of perfection because it offers limitation, safe and protection, remember this note; there is no life's security system will guarantee prosperity, safe and protection to human, but life will give human a new strength, new wisdom, new risk, new adversity, the mental pain and new opportunity to access the unlimited wealth from the human's subconscious mind, here is another case what I see about the average people's habit, most people always find the easiest way to make decision when the problem comes because their mental strength are not ready to solve their personal problem, besides that, they fill in their imagination about the pictures of fearfulness, not imagine about the possibility which it can be done, they misuse their power of focus to the wrong direction, that's why they become life's prisoner who lives in their own jail, but if we see into reality, new risk is designed not to devalue the human's skill, but new risk is designed to develop the human's skill, remember this note; the biggest risk is not to learn from the risk, and the biggest failure is stop trying.

People can’t have attractive personality when they are not willingly to break their own perfection, the main reason why attractive personality demands people to leave their limitation because life is going to crush the people's limitation if they stay lingering too long within that area, in addition, life is very interested with people who have attractive personality because they dare to get rejected, embrace the setback, focus about what they can do and keep persistent with the clearest goal, life will give more the mental pressure to human when they stay perfect in their limitation and life will crush the human's hidden potential because they lack of use it, here is another case why people love to create limitation in their mind because they are not interested with the future's uncertain gift, so whatever condition will happen in the future, they consider future and yesterday are pretty much the same, in my opinion; they are talking about their desperation, not looking for inspiration.

 When people lack of priority management, so they act casually and carelessly about what they can invest in the future, remember this note; if we keep repeating what we know and what we learn, that resource will become our perfection and we tend to reject the truth, it’s bad behavior, starting today, beware of what you choose to learn because your mind absorbs everything from your daily environment, so you need to train your faith to select which the valuable information you need to apply to your own life, don’t let your faith will seek something that you don’t notice, if it’s happening, you will become the life’s custody, you must cultivate your faith with the nature’s philosophy because the nature is the most powerful medic for the human’s soul, the human’s habit and the human’s philosophy. ease is greater threat to progress than hardship, when there is no progression, life will deposit us to the regression area where there is no hope and there is no any help.