Be careful who you trust; the devil was once an angels

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the topic "be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel" meaning of that statement is everybody has self-image and everyone has the personal right how to choose who the type of person can be trusted, the main problem why a good person often receives a bad experience during making relationship in social circle because he gives trust to people who can't give something valuable to him and he doesn't know how to pick up a good people, remember; picking up a good people are so crucial, we can't create a better life when we don't know how you apply our personality in the standards of good personality, here is the simple criteria how to value a good person in the standard of good personality; someone can give something means to you and he doesn't need a return reward although he actually deserves it, if you can't meet someone with this kind of personality, at least you have to keep practicing your personality to behave a good personality such thingdon't ever try to please other people with something that they don't need it for themselves because everyone has different standard of how to build self-esteem, but if you can provide something that most people actually need it but they can't afford to do, you will become the center of resources in the future, remember this; good people will always appreciate your good service and they will get curious about what you already share to them, especially you share something critical and meaningful to the humanity's big impact.

       Sometimes being kind to anybody is not a must but we can show our respect or giving a good service to them although they don’t need it for themselves at this moment, but giving a good service has different view with giving trust, you can behave a polite to everyone but not giving a trust to everyone, you know why? giving trust is like giving the knife, you can't provide trust to everyone who doesn't have any standard of good personalitywhen you just trust to anybody else without knowing whether they belong a good person or not, it's the same thing you let anyone to stab you in the back with your knife,  trust can become the useful knife when you know how to use it by freeing people come out from their own problem and you leave a memorable scratch to their memory and they remember your trust, remember this note; beware everything you trust because it can shape your destiny, you can’t get value from anything when you just give a trust to type of person who can’t be trusted, remember; giving a trust is like giving someone an access to enter your great empire where it contains your qualified soul and your qualified mind, you must know the type of person who will enter your great empire, trust can’t be exchanged with the worldly stuff or something expensive, but trust can be exchanged by giving a good service.

Here is important note; you don't need to be trusted by everyone, as long as you can provide a good service where they need it so much at anytime, they will trust it automatically, don't bother to think about whether other people will trust you or not, as long as you work like the time’s working principle, the whole world will trust you, not exception, let me share to you several things about the time’s working principle; the first principle; time always works punctually although there is nobody will appreciate its existence, the second principle; time is incorruptible, the third principletime can work optimally not just because time needs big promotion or recognition from other people’s credit, but time devotes itself with the one clear purpose, the fourth principletime is always be accountable by doing something without needing any surveillance, the fifth principle; time can do something valuable when most people often underestimate it.


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