Be so busy until you have no time to be sad

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to be busy until you have no time to be sad, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone can deal with their sadness story, instead their sadness story has haunted their consciousness mind, some people try to reduce their sadness by drinking alcohol, consuming an illegal drug, antidepressant drug, some people go on vacation, etc, remember this; the ritual they have done can't decrease their sadness story because the chain link is still connected between their consciousness mind and the sadness story, the chain link must be broken, in my opinion; the problem is not coming from ritual, but it's coming from people's core belief, so we need to break the link which it connects between the sadness story and their consciousness mind, as long as people keep touching the wound of the sadness story, time will magnify the wound's size, don’t let time remembers what you start, you must have a new dream where it can separate between your past and your futurethe first thing you need to do if you want to be kept away from the sadness story; make a new lifework, fulfill it into reality, get out from the old track that keeps you locked with it and start writing your life with new story that you haven't ever created before.
busy person doesn't have time to look back in the past

When the reality hits your life, you have to manage your focus and manage your priority scale, don't live so cautiously until you don't know where your life is going, your life is like the vehicle, your vision is like the track, your enthusiasm is like the fuel, your dream is like the GPS, and your knowledge is like the philosophy, here is my special note; when you keep practicing your craft, then your craft will make your life works, that is strategy how to welcome the future, if your craft is not ready to welcome the future, you will be stuck in the depression mode, you must know when your brain system rejects the new information from the unknown references, sometimes our brain system is locked automatically because we keep increasing our sense of satisfaction, at this phase, you need to make some research how to cultivate your brain system with the most productive ritual you have never learned beforeYou must salvage your future rather than stay lingering in your past story, sometimes we have to dare to divorce your present time with the past time and marry the future, let the past in the past, let today will become your glorious story. 

Reading is the most beautiful habit for leader

 Build your new empire in your future is an new option, if you stop focusing on your past, your future will meet you with God's favor, you need to make the critical question in order to maximize your hidden potential and let the brain is working at maximum level by answering your critical questionremember this note; if you lack of the critical question within your mind, it's not because you lack of intelligence, but you lack of practice to awaken your highest curious level, the past is like the enemy, if you want to conquer your enemy, don't treat your enemy with good service, you must ensure that your enemy is not interested to attack your brain memory, that’s allbe so busy until you have no time to be sad is the sensible way how to make your past is not interested about you anymore, here is my special note; if you have a fixed mindset like the limited edition stuff, you always become the past, but if you always excel your ingenuity, you always become the future, starting from now, you must practice your inborn ability until it can become the lifeboat where it can save other people's lives.


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