Conquer yourself rather than the world

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the topic how to conquer yourself rather than the world, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone knows how to conquer their hidden potential, some of them are get busy with their daily job until they don’t have much time to know deeper about their hidden potential, if you observe a bit why rich people don’t prioritize their time to work for money because they know the human's biggest enemies are lies in the money and satisfaction, both are shaped by the human's inability to see any worth within their inner world, here is my special note; if you are serious to take action how to conquer your world, don't let your mind is manipulated by an easy money or something where it can increase your satisfaction level because both can become the stumbling block, if you want to conquer your outer world, you need to conquer your satisfaction first by not adding its higher portion level, that's the key, then you need to break your fixed mindset where it produces the unproductive habit, here is the strategy how to impose your fixed mindset; you must find your greatest fear and find the measurable dream that it has possibility to lock your greatest fear in your past.

 If you observe about young people in the world, most of them can't create a better future because they tend to delegate their curiosity for seeking the pleasure, so they don't conquer themselves, instead they let the world to conquer their creativity and talents, as a result, they behave like the machine where it will not be used again in the future because the world doesn't need a better machine but better mechanic, if we want to get a better future, don't just think money will change our future, it's totally wrong, we have to find a way how to differentiate between human's skill and the machine's principle, that's the key how to conquer our limitdon't let other people will conquer our existences because of the machine's existence, remember this note; machine can’t create a new creation, it can’t create intelligence, it can’t create ingenuity, it can’t create vitality, the machine is created for fulfilling the temporary comfort zone, so we have to do something better than what machine does, if it doesn't happen, our existences will be perished and we will work like what machine does, we have to conquer ourselves by  putting the code (self-discipline) into our physical body, so our body will serve us and provide what our lives need, our lives will not work at maximum level if we don't impose our limitation and leave our comfort zone, it seems hurt to our inner world, but it’s good for us because wisdom can heal our mental pain from inside.

 Starting from now, don’t try to sell out your talent by accepting the greatest satisfaction, every time you will feel about a great satisfaction, distract your focus to find another issue that you need to embrace, the more you love to overcome an issue, the more you can nourish your intellectual capacity, now you can observe why so many people can’t conquer themselves because they prefer to stay in their sanctuary and they lack of willingness to know more about the life purpose, in fact, the sanctuary is not designed to help human to get out of the life problem, instead it will cause the stumbling block in the human's mentality, starting from today, so you need to train your mind how to embrace the new problem that making your soul is interested about it, I understand that not all problem you can solve, but when you can pick up from those, your mental strength will grow and your mental strength will help you to block any stumbling block where it's trying to attack your happiness state.