Courage is resistance to fear

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to conquer your biggest fear, as we know every single human has the biggest fear that they bring it every day without knowing how to solve their fear, if we feel such thing, please imagine the water is your biggest fear, it flows ubiquitous in your brain system, if you don’t want your consciousness got drowned with your biggest fear, your consciousness must become the water resistant stuff, so the more you train your brain power to think deeply about the nature, your fear becomes lifeless, now if you want to build strong mentality, you have to find your biggest inborn ability, train it before your biggest desires will gnaw your biggest inborn ability, don't let your desire will take control your consciousness mind, remember; your biggest desire can turn into biggest fear when you postpone the growing process of your talentlooking inspiration is the part of emptying the human’s desire, also it can strengthen your focus in order to strengthen your courage and your determination towards target, at this phase, don’t let your most days will run faster than what your ability does, your courage will become the meaningful weapon when it’s used to prevent your desire to do by itself.  

          Sometimes our confidence can define our maturity process, but being confident person is not enough, confidence needs daily practice but courage needs unrelenting faith, in the human's life, feeling of pride often blocks courage, we must eliminate our feeling of pride because it has potential to convert our confidence level into our fearfulness level, don’t let our courage will become the dangerous weapon by hurting someone’s sanctuary and don’t let our pride will break people’s peaceful heart, I think courage is not part of confidence, but it's part of self-reflection where someone loves to do something useful constantly, courage can become the useful weapon when it can help you to break your own limitation and strengthen your intellectual capacity, courage can’t be represented by other people’s existence because courage is accumulated by personal's unrelenting driven, if you want increase your courage level, you have to obsess with the new idealism where it can guide you how to become an experienced person, you can create a big target that you haven’t reached yet and you keep practicing until you can achieve a big target.

          The power of imagination is the highest human resources, it's the center of mind control, don't let your imagination create the picture of fear, beware of your thought because it will become your words of mouth, beware of your words because it will become your attitude, beware of your attitude because it will become your habit, your imagination is the most important than all the world's contents, before you fill in your power of imagination with something visible, you need to practice your imagination with something invisible first such as knowledge, courage, retention, ingenuity, vitality, determination, patience, faith, sincerity, honest, etc. Here is the key how to build good personality; you behave like what the universe does for you.


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