Do it now, sometimes later becomes never

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to focus to do something that it means to you, as we know many people have many target in their career, they spend their time to learn something, they want to get promotion, they want to get recognition from other people, they want to get respect, etc. But unfortunately they don’t realize that the word "want" is the part of a toxic incantation, they should change from "want" to become "what makes I deserved it?, that excellent advice to self, sometimes the word "want" is just part of demand of something and it doesn't tell someone to make new decision, but if we use the sentence "what make I deserved it ?" is the kind of self-demand to fulfill the goal requirement, the more someone creates self-reliance, the more problem he gets, self-reliance is the the sign of luck, when someone knows he will get luck from something great, he will prepare something for it sooner, here is the best question to create a luck ; “why do I need to finish it now? when we use this question, Our brain system will work optimally rather than it usually does, remember this note; our activity will not create the different result when we just demand someone or something to satisfy what we want, we must create the priority list for what we want to fulfill.

 Remember this clue; the more we create the priority list, the more we insist ourselves to make a better strategy and we can avoid the unproductive activity, we can't insist ourselves to grow better when we don't have any goal, a great goal can educate someone to do something extraordinary than someone who has no goal, when we urge about something we want to finish it, the sign of miracle will happen, the miracle will not happen when we act casually about what we are going to do, the more we spend more time to postpone, the more we lose our enthusiasm and we lose our desire value, in fact, the enthusiasm is the switch where it can awaken the human’s willpower and also it can help human to pull the new opportunity from the future, besides that, the enthusiasm can help human to shape a new vision and creativity in order to create a new future, in my opinion; the main problem why most people can’t get what they really want in the rest of their lives because they have spent their leisure time by waiting wake up-call and waiting the opportunity from other people, so, my opinion towards it, they don’t have a good philosophy and they lack of willpower.

Starting today, we must prioritize something bigger than our expectation because our past doesn't need us and our future really needs us, we need to prepare our skill and let Almighty God uses our masterpiece and our inborn skill to collect new opportunity, the more we get opportunity, the more we deserve to get what we really want, so if we want to get better career in the future, we must change our priority to the urgency list, imagine that the bad circumstance will happen to reality, when we train our mind with such condition, we will not dare to postpone something in our priority list, finally the word “later becomes Now”if we don’t give a design to the future about what we really want, we will get desperate and we will lose our willpower, that’s the key how to create a better future, don’t forget to create the artificial emergency plan because it can help us to monitor the progressive result.


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