Do something more till you haven’t checked your phone

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to do something inspired till you have no time to check your phone, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people’s focus are distracted by their own cellphone, at this moment, let me share several things about the strategy what we must do before the cellphone will give us the prison cell of mind, here is the fact;  the more often people associate with their cellphone, the less people associate with the reality of life, eventually people will be passive because people too enjoy with the instant service where it's offered by cellphone's program every day, this is bad ideawherever they go to the new place, their mind are trapped by cellphone, during research, 65%-85% people's daily life are trapped in the fake happiness which it is produced by cellphone, as a result people can't learn something from daily miracle where it is happening every daywhen cellphone is trying to take someone's focus away from the target, people's enthusiasm will be moved to the cellphone and unwittingly people will postpone to finish their daily goal, at same time people don't realize that the future will create the unproductive activity and the future put the unproductive activity into the people daily habit, when it’s repeated regularly, it's risking people's career and the future’s growing process will be delayed because people stop making the progress.

Remember this note; before you postpone something valuable, imagine that you will lose your last opportunity on earth at that time, if there is something valuable that can bring a big impact in your life, you must prioritize to do it or your life will be lifeless. when you delay something means to you, at the same time your future‘s growing process will be delayed, that’s life system, You need to ensure that there is nobody or something will distract your focus once you start something, before you turn off your cell phone, make sure you don’t have any appointment with people or your client during 24 hour of your time, after that, you need to monitor about your life journey whether it can satisfy you or not within 10 years ago till now, when your life didn’t satisfy you or it couldn’t give something bigger than your expectation, means, there is something wrong with your philosophy, in daily life, you need to analyze about what you learn and who you are studying with, the main reason why we must check it because they can be part of your life history, sometimes we need to behave like a curious child who wants to know about what future wants, remember this note; the cellphone will not destruct your focus as long as you check it later after you finish your all targets, all interruptions don't come from the interruption maker, but it comes from our wrong philosophy.
Don't just do something what you love, but love what your goals want 

Please don’t judge something bad when you have finished because everything you do according to what your focus works for you, sometimes we need to immobilize our satisfaction in order to achieve big achievementdon’t let our willpower will be stolen by something we don’t know where it comes from, the cellphone is not part of the interruption maker, but it is designed to test our focus whether it is strong enough or not during facing the life problem, in my personal advice, if we think there is something we can’t control, we must let it go away from us because it will get our condition worse when we still hold itif there is something is really attracted by our attention, it doesn't mean we need to struggle for getting it immediately because not all attractive things can bring peace for us, we need to focus about what our soul wants from us, not what we think it must be done, don't get stressed if we don't get what we want because not all what we want deserves us, all we need to do right now is how to make ourselves is ready to feel the painful experience in the reality of life and how to leave good legacy and leave the inspiring story to the next generation? I think that's critical question we need to ponder.


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