Don’t create limitations for your capacity, let God makes it

Let God creates limitation for you

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how not to create limitation while we are still developing our skills, what I see in the society’s lifestyle, many of us easily trust to something or someone without testing it with reality, that's the major cause will make us being deceived easily and we become a life victim, don't let limitation will stop you to grow, the sense of insecure often happens to us because we don't maximize our curiosity towards the new reference where it is trying to get into our memory, many of us prefer to create the sanctuary in order to avoid us to know something more about the valuable thing, here is why we need to keep learning and break our limitation? because our greatest fearfulness gets bigger when we lack of use of our curiosity to unveil the bad possibility which may happen in the future, we must admit that "everybody has a greatest fearfulness in the rest of life", the question is "does our greatest fearfulness tell us when it is starting to attack?" remember this note; our greatest fearfulness lies behind the sense of regret, it doesn't happen when we obsess about our good career, good life, new marriage life, happy marriage, etc. The greatest fearfulness will happen when we don't make any preparation to recognize about God's wisdom or the life purposeour regret will become our greatest fearfulness asset when we deliberately block our capacity to know more about life, instead we prioritize our satisfaction to grow.
Include what your soul needs and exclude what your satisfaction wants

         Some young people still don’t know why they need to limit their capacity , as far as I observe, they limit their capacity because they are educated by parents to follow their expectation rule, in fact, the expectation rule is designed to reject the reality, we must beware about the expectation’s role model because they are shaped to decrease the people’s productive habit, as I reviewed about the human’s lifestyle, most people prefer to live in a mood of perfection because it offers limitation, safe and protection, remember this note; there is no life's security system will guarantee prosperity, safe and protection to human, but life will give human a new strength, new wisdom, new risk, new adversity, the mental pain and new opportunity to access the unlimited wealth from the human's subconscious mind, here is another case what I see about the average people's habit, most people always find the easiest way to make decision when the problem comes because their mental strength are not ready to solve their personal problem, besides that, they fill in their imagination about the pictures of fearfulness, not imagine about the possibility which it can be done, they misuse their power of focus to the wrong direction, that's why they become life's prisoner who lives in their own jail, but if we see into reality, new risk is designed not to devalue the human's skill, but new risk is designed to develop the human's skill, remember this note; the biggest risk is not to learn from the risk, and the biggest failure is stop trying.

People can’t have attractive personality when they are not willingly to break their own perfection, the main reason why attractive personality demands people to leave their limitation because life is going to crush the people's limitation if they stay lingering too long within that area, in addition, life is very interested with people who have attractive personality because they dare to get rejected, embrace the setback, focus about what they can do and keep persistent with the clearest goal, life will give more the mental pressure to human when they stay perfect in their limitation and life will crush the human's hidden potential because they lack of use it, here is another case why people love to create limitation in their mind because they are not interested with the future's uncertain gift, so whatever condition will happen in the future, they consider future and yesterday are pretty much the same, in my opinion; they are talking about their desperation, not looking for inspiration.

 When people lack of priority management, so they act casually and carelessly about what they can invest in the future, remember this note; if we keep repeating what we know and what we learn, that resource will become our perfection and we tend to reject the truth, it’s bad behavior, starting today, beware of what you choose to learn because your mind absorbs everything from your daily environment, so you need to train your faith to select which the valuable information you need to apply to your own life, don’t let your faith will seek something that you don’t notice, if it’s happening, you will become the life’s custody, you must cultivate your faith with the nature’s philosophy because the nature is the most powerful medic for the human’s soul, the human’s habit and the human’s philosophy. ease is greater threat to progress than hardship, when there is no progression, life will deposit us to the regression area where there is no hope and there is no any help.