Don’t rush the process, good thing takes time

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the topic “how not to rush the process, good thing takes time”, the meaning of that statement; every movement, thinking, pulse, progress are calculated by the time and human can't control the time progress, don't rush with process, eventually you will end up where you need to be, don't rush the process, eventually you will end up with whom you are meant to be and don't rush the process, eventually you will end up by doing what you should be doing, if you belong to a religious person, you should not be worrying about time because time will start itself when you ask your faith to manifest your great desire into the reality, what you need to worry is when you don't know how to start something or you don't know how you finish something, everything your wants will be returned to you soon or later, that's nature system, so don't rush the process because it's part of God's work, He knows everything when the exact time you will be given a result, we must realize that our weaknesses is we can't control time, but time can control everything including our living time, when you come late during finishing something, don’t judge the process but you should judge what you start because you are not entitled to blame the time by your own way.

If you skip the process, you will be forced to return at the starting point that you don't like to wear because you deliberately break the time's rule, sometimes we need to be patient not because we are not competent enough to finish the process, but making the magnificent result is part of God’s job, at this phaseall we need to do as human is don’t interrupt with God’s job and we must focus what we can do such as making innovation, retention and progress, no matter how long the process it takes, what you need is release your momentum every day as if you were the last man who can create the last mission on earth, don’t take serious about result because it doesn't go anywhere, when your positioning is at the right time according God's calculation, the result will be forced to come to you, if you doubt about your A plan, you can create the worse plan in order to release your weariness, sometimes your weariness can determine your capacity faster than you imagine, if you think you don't get busy about time, you will not disappointed with result, for the most important thing is don’t doubt about your decision and you need to clear your faith from your doubt because every doubt can decelerate your retention.

If the process doesn’t satisfy you, you don't need to change your destination, but you need to change your direction to the new method that may give you another option to rectify your reference, so you can move away from the broken sign, find the new sign where it can guide you to the new tracksometimes Almighty God gives you a new strength not because you need it, but you are prepared to take a new level and you will be made as the strongest man than you have never imagined before, so you can overcome your own problem, if you don’t know about what you want, at least you need to know what’s your utmost ability that can serve you, when you know how to work your utmost ability, I am sure you will respect about the process, remember this note; the more you are rejected by something or someone, the more you get a feedback, the more you learn something new, the more you get an extraordinary result, time will not erase your hard work as long as you activate your power of serving, time only erase your weariness but it will exchange your hard work with the biggest gift more than you expect.