Focus on your strength, don’t look for a success

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to focus on your strength and not to look for a success, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone can manage their focus on strength because most people aim to work not to get value, but how to orient with success, if we talk about success in the reality life, success is a result, not a progress, when people work in success, unwittingly they tend to work on their weaknesses, not to work on their strength, as a result, they keep pushing harder on their weakness until they can’t find any specific direction how to increase their intelligence, remember; when people can't find a way how to maximize their intelligence, they work on the state of poor mind, don't just believe in result, but believe on the progress, if you focus on the progress, profit will follow you, the human's strength comes from the ability to see the worthy thing that he can serve to powerless people and the poor mindset comes from the profit orientation.

          The meaning of the word “focus on your strength”; you prefer to work on your biggest enthusiasm and your biggest dream rather than you go to work for earning money, I just remind you that your biggest focus will determine your qualified personality and your prosperity, don’t worry if you don’t get money at the first time, but when you keep working on your dream, your dream will create a path and the stream of income will flow on it and success will come to you more than your expectation, during my research; many people have lost their creativity not because they lack of intelligence, but they lack of willingness, that's major problem we need to solve, lack of intelligence is caused by lack of curiosity and lack of consistency, here is for your note; people who spend their rest of their lives go to work for money without knowing how to stop it, means they have built a poor mindset, maybe you will ask me, “do human survive in this world without earning money?”, yes they can do as long as they make good service to others, money is the important tool, but money is not the main resources because it’s part of facilitation where it is used to prolong what your daily needs, not increasing your specialties, don’t assume money is designed to please what you want, if you think such thing, your intelligence goes dead.

If you want to work just for money, make sure you use money not for daily necessity, but you use money to create your own specialties, if you just enjoy money and magnify your satisfaction, I am afraid your intelligence will not work at maximum level because you lack of use it, remember this note; lack of use will cause loss, so your destiny is shaped from your main resources and what kind of resources you use most, when you neglect your specialties and don’t practice your resources, you will not reach your complete destination, you must understand that Almighty God has granted us with the special intelligence in order to create the wealthy mind, not to be used to collect money, all intelligence are designed to help human how to create the unlimited wealth, such as creativity, idea, passion, ingenuity, habit, vitality, love and courage, you need to break your limitation and leave the comfort zone if you want to maximize your intelligence, when you choose to work beyond your fixed mindset, your sense of willingness will create the abundance of love and the path of success.