Go where you feel most alive

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the topic "go where you feel most alive" means, when we feel insecure, we need to go somewhere place and look for the scenery which may heal our soul from the source of pollution, such as the negativity, crowded people, noisy sound, overworking, etc. Sometimes we can't choose type of neighbor who will surround us, now here are several options you can choose when you feel weird; the first option; don't follow the other people's lifestyle, remember this note; when we follow other people's lifestyle where it teaches us to be someone who we are not, the environment will pushes us not to feel something most alive, if you see in the reality, not all people can create peace because they let the unknown circumstance gets into their lives, as a result, they feel easily irritated, some people try to go on vacation and some of them to do busywork, but all rituals are not enough to help them to feel most alive because people's inner world have detected a serious problem, now let me share several points you need to do in order to create peace and making you feel most alive, the first point; you avoid the subject where it can influence your mind to look for self-satisfaction, the second point; you need to plan for long term target that it compels you to pursue it no matter what it takes, remember this note; good environment can support you at the fullest when you take bigger responsibility than 99% people won’t take it.

          By taking big responsibility sounds not easy, but if you can train your mind by managing your expectation and exceeding your productive habit, wherever you go, all environment will empower you to gain momentum every day, remember this; when you will feel most alive, it's not because the momentum, but you already create new good environment, besides that, don't let your expectation is higher than your capacity because it can invite the poor quality emotion, if there is bad circumstance is happening in your time travel, don't try to beat it, all you need to do is stop caring about your expectation where it didn't deserve you to keep it, in my insight; if you get trapped with expectation or bad circumstance, don’t just go to somewhere you don’t belong, you need to find a place where it can help you to connect between what your soul needs and what your goal needs, at this phase, don’t prioritize to fulfill your desire because not all desires can harmonize between your reality and your peaceful heart, here is for your note; if the environment can help you to resurrect your hidden potential from very long sleep in the subconscious mind, that's your triumph.

 Some people hate to make a new change, whereas life will hate when people can't adapt with a new change, that's the clue how to manage our expectation, we can't survive when we lose our enthusiasm, this life will collect the human's resources when people don't use it, we shouldn’t get angry when we are pushed by life to change something from ourselves because life will provide something new when we dare to leave the unproductive ritual, starting today; please stop cursing what you have and stop comparing what you don’t have with other people who have what you don’t have, be thankful with gifts that you have been granted by Almighty God because His gift will create your resources to be alive.


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