How to create a life you love

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good time, today I would like to share how to create a life you love, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone knows how to make a better life with their power of love, some people underestimate what their resources can do by hurting it with lack of love, as a result, the human's resources becomes dull, maybe you will ask me “why we need to create a life?” because our time will be obsolete when we don’t nourish something to be alive such as talent, hobby, dream or passion, the real job we can do as human being is nourishing something to be alive by providing a good service for others, when we don’t create any good service, we can’t get new fortune for our future, this phase is very crucial, every good service will be returned to you when you don't discount the power of service, our good service will be filled with the authority of God if we already create the pathwhen we keep providing a good service more than we can receive, we will receive more reward than we expected, that’s the law of nature, besides that, life will give us an option, whether we will let time will crush our fortune or we will let time to grow our fortune.

Most of us can’t create a good service because we prefer to underestimate the power of nature and we prefer to receive more than what we can give, that's the problemwhen we create a good service to others, indirectly Almighty God will give the signal of His favor to other human being and they will come to you in order to access your good service, that’s the principle of God’s blessing, when God's blessing is coming to you, the power of darkness can't stop your action, the main reason why we must create a good service because it's requirement how to survive in this life, God does not compel us to do the right thing, we are just being asked to make a path, so when we make a path, He will fill in your path with multiple rewards, don’t worry about what you can give, whether it's the smallest gift or the biggest gift you can share to others, God will not concern about your capacity or your size, but He concerns about your sincerity, that's critical point, whatever you give, it will be returned to you without coming late, if it doesn’t happen right now, the reward will be forced by God to approach you from the unexpected direction

As normal human being, we don’t have any authority to determine our success, all we need to do is creating a path, the more we create a new path to other people’s lives, God’s blessing will flow faster than what we imagine and our resources will not dry as long as we create a path, please keep it your mind, when we produce nothing, our resources will dry faster than what we imaginethe power of service is very necessarily, so don’t fill in your vessel with the sense of worrying or fearfulness, when you sow with some bad seeds, you will reap some bad seeds as well, but if you sow a good service, you will reap the magnificent result.


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