How to get unstuck and move on in life

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to get unstuck and move on in life, the main purpose why I choose that topic because i am compassionate with many young people who get stuck with their life journey until they don't realize their life purpose are trapped in the circle of distress where they have built by their own ways, by the way, i want to share the crucial point for you to remember; we can't use our permanent personality to change the world, we just need to follow what life really wants, in order to adapt with the life's rule, we need to prepare our skill and our vision continuously in order to sort out which lesson we will accept, sometimes not all lesson can be suited with our personal resources, to survive from this life's arena, we need to sacrifice everything we possess and we must dare to say good bye with comfort zone and forget about the comfortable treatment because it doesn't offer wisdom and new skill, in my opinion; to get unstuck your soul from the tough situation, you need to embrace failure because it's part how to strengthen your core belief system and your mentality growth.

  Remember; every problem in this life is designed not to make you get stuck from one place, but it is trying to drive you out from one place to another one, to heal your wound from the unwelcome problem, you need to stop repeating something that it doesn't deserve you, so you have to become someone who is going to deserve the remedy to heal your wound, basically we can't change life system, but life allows us to change our attitude, our philosophy and our personal character, so we can give our good behavior and our best reaction towards the unexpected circumstanceI have seen many people want to change their life purpose, but they don't know how to begin, the main reason why they can't be healed from their personal problem because they don't have any determination to take a risk and they avoid the life's tough challenge, in my personal advice; we need to train our mind to do something painful and keep surviving because we are swimming in the life's sea surface, if we can't survive from it, our future will be drowned within the life crisis and we will get stuck in the sea for everlasting, it's very frightening thing.

I just remind for all of us that our brain’s system will be shut automatically when our mind is used to enjoy with comfort zone and reject the unexpected lesson, we must dare to move on every day by not believing what you know and keep exploring what you don’t know, that's the key to heal yourself from fixed minded, if you have this kind of habit, you will meet more God’s blessing and your mind will be refreshed every day with life tough challenge because you prefer to become life time learner, that's the method how to get unstuck from your past, remember this note; satisfaction is designed to make you get stuck in your own time zone, you must be inspired by embracing a real change and keep innovated yourself with the painful experience such as discipline, pursue what you want to improve and have strong willingness in order to get unstuck from the profit orientation where it offers more satisfaction and less value,  here is my special note; the more you approach a painful experience, the more you get your soul unstuck between dilemma and regression.


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