How to make peace with my past

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to make peace with the past time, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can deal with their past time, some people were struggling with their past by sacrificing something that the past didn’t need it so much, in fact, the past wants to be abandoned not because we want it, but our past time can't reconcile with the future time, whether we like it or not, we need to abandon our past memory, our past experience, our weariness, and many other things that it can't be salvaged, here is what I believe;  the more we make approach our past, the more depression we build disaster in the future, the key how to reconcile between our soul and our life is we leave the past in the past, we don’t need to improve anything because the past is like the broken glass, once it's broken, it doesn’t need to be repaired, it needs to be cleaned up, every time we see something in the past moment, it doesn’t mean we need to stay enjoying for long period of time, but we can pick up the clue which may be useful to be learned.

Remember this note; the human destiny have been shaped after they invested their time in the past, every time they learned something, they have become from what they invested, at this phase, everyone must let go of something in the past and let God planned something extraordinary, when we reap good thing because we sow the good thing, on the other hand, we reap bad thing because we sow the bad one, the life's rule is justice and honest, when we can't make peace with our time because we rummaged our past with sense of regret, all we can do is keep cultivating our resource with positive thinking and accept the reality no matter how bad thing we will receive, you can learn from failure but don’t let your past time determine what you can do today, failure is the part of maturity process which it can help you to strengthen your mental strengththere is nobody in the world can escape from the painful experience because every action they make is full of risk, but unfortunately most people can't turn the painful experience as stepping stone, as a result, they still get stuck in the same path, in my personal experience; please don’t try to erase your past, it's useless, all we need to do is buried your past with your grounded mind and start writing new story to welcome tomorrow.

 Don’t just open the door of tomorrow by getting angry, if you put the new seed in the toxic mind, you can’t reap good thing from it, instead it’s going to curse yourself, whatever situation will let you in, your anger can't heal your pain, you just need to clear your mind by increasing your ease, to face the life's rule is not easy, you need to prepare something worse before time will decrease your opportunity to grow, you need to calm down your sense of anger before opportunity is appearing, remember this note; you can't change your life when you keep rummaged your old time and doing something that makes your peacefulness doesn't deserve to be accepted by God, the healing process will start when you stop touching the pain where it had happened in the past.


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