How to win at life

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to win at life, the main reason why I choose this topic because many people lose the opportunity from the life challenge, now let me explain how to change our lives from being unfortunate, now if we look at the reality life; some of them get easily depressed from race against the clock, some people are difficult to find love, some people are rejected from applying the job, some people are failed during being participant at audition selection, some people can’t get better salary from the company they work, etc. Those are symptoms that they are going to lose from the life battle, if human don't keep striving for what they want, they will cry for what they want because they are pushed to wear what they don't want to wear, those life lessons will put human to the rock bottom and they can't get out from that desperate zone until human are willingly to learn more, get curious more, evaluate more, make progress more than they know something in their past, people can't win from the life battle when they just use their same thinking level to fight for what they want, they need the friction to let people breaking their own mindset and do soul searching, sometimes people need their biggest fear in order to upgrade their independence / life skillthe main reason why people can’t win in every life challenge because they don't consider their life journey like the sea, to win in every battle in the sea, they need to keep swimming or they will be drowned in the sea.
The future will work for human's lives when people give a life design to the future

The criteria how to win at life's challenge, people must understand about the life’s wisdom, life will declare to people “I always provide something you deserve, hopefully you are ready to accept my gift, as long as I am still alive, there is hope for you, if you are not ready to accept my gift, I will give you little bit fear, so you must do something or your fear will get bigger”, means, we need to prepare our independence skill and give a design to the life before we are pushed to choose the uncomfortable design from life, so we must design our lives to the future before life will give design to us, we must beware of what we want to wear, such as we need to observe our lifestyle, we observe our social circle, etc. Don't let life will give something to us that we don't deserve it, don’t just become snob, he is very proud by saying clearly he is more important than anyone else, remember this note; life needs creator, if there is no creator, everything is lifeless and it's impossible to walk by itself, imagine that you want to create product and invent something valuable, if you want to see your product keeps existing in this world, you need to create new life by cultivating your product every day such as keep practicing your talent, applying your good philosophy into reality, monitoring your daily habit, etc.
The more you get higher limitation, the more expensive your ability

To win something in life, there must be a limitation where it can drag you back from the target, it's normal because limitation is designed not to keep you locked forever in the area, but limitation is designed to know whether your potential is ready or not to accept the challenge, if your potential is not ready, you can't do anything better in your career and you will find a deep emotional distress, remember this note; everybody has limitation, when limitation is higher than your potential, then you will not get any positive result from that limitation except giving you the lasting sense of comfort, every limitation in human being is designed to protect something where it has been owned by human and reject new information from outside, even though limitations don't have ability to produce the result what you want, but your limitation can be destroyed if your conscious mind gives a sense of burdening of suffering that it is greater than the limitation's strength, remember this note; limitation doesn't intend to limit your potential, it has only protect its self from the threat of great power which may threaten it's existence, when you are willingly to work very hard, you will definitely feel pain because you already tear the seal of your limitation, do you know why limitation insists to protect you from the pain or suffering because there is a new life that wants to be born, we can call a new life as a Gift where it can help you to access the God's unlimited wealth.


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