If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the topic “if you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost”, the meaning of that statement; the biggest desire we have will guide us going to the new journey where it needs our biggest enthusiasm, don't miss any updates from the future's news where it many answer our desire, we must plan something ahead in order to measure our power of desire whether it can work or not to the reality, if we don’t take serious about what we desire, eventually we will cry for what we lost and our time will not return to the starting point we started, we must beware about what we desire because not all enjoyment can create the harmonious relationship between our soul and our reality, don't enjoy goal where it can't fulfill what our soul desire, every clear goal needs the clearest step what we require, we need to make sure our step will teach us how to behave good manner and not to rush the progress because every great thing takes time, if your goal is very important for you, don’t just focus on enjoyment, but focus how you build your capacity in order to tie up between what you fight for and what you defend for, this world is not designed to take us to the new enjoyment place, but it is designed to prolong the human’s patience and enrich the human’s experience.
Fight what you want with your clearest step and your reality

          Before you have a great desire that you want to manifest in reality, you have to ensure what your desire wants can help you to improve your attitude level, a great desire will not hurt your harmonious heart, furthermore it can become self-motivation, whereas a wrong desire can hurt your harmonious heart when it is used to increase your satisfaction level and it decreases your intelligence, sometimes every desire will become a deadly weapon when it can't change your inner world, you can fight what you want when your goal is measurable and commensurate with your capacity, don't fight when your goal intimidates your peaceful heart, when you don't recognize your capacity, you will never reach your clear goals, in my opinion; your reality must be prioritized in the top list, when you can't feel connected between your goal and your reality, I recommend you to change your current plan first because it will threaten your current position if you keep moving forward, before you start what you desire, you need to observe your capacity and check when your deadline will end, the clearest goal will not get you dangled with something you can’t finish, remember this note; the clearest goal will keep your focus away from the negativity and  it will not let you go anywhere before you finish the target, whereas the unclear goal will break your biggest enthusiasm and break your major focus, don’t let it happen, your enthusiasm is the key how to achieve your goal.

          Sometimes you need to empty your poor emotion before you start a new habit and plan something new, you need to practice your mental intelligence to face the miserable thing that you dislike it, sometimes many obstacles will stop your movement during you pursue your goal, sometimes you feel rejected, you feel annoyed, you feel embarrassed during you pursue your goal, that's normal process because life is not designed to give what we need, but life is designed to serve what we deserve, the more you are rejected, the more you become an experienced person, the more you learn, the more you approach the outcome, the most important thing is don't break the chain of your good habit because it can decrease your sense of enthusiasm, besides that, you need to start cultivating your goal with good faith, passion, determination, honest and patience, here is my special note; your good attitude and lifetime learning process are the major resources where it can be used to manifest your goal in the reality world, don’t let your goal can lower your potential capacity level, your desires must be inspired by your pure heart and a good desire gets you stronger than your recent reality, that’s key.