Life hurts, Nature heals

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to understand about life and nature's characteristic, both are very unique, both have similar purpose but they have different job, nature is designed to fulfill what human need to survive and life is designed to give what human deserve, that's the simple of definition, so if there is a new problem is happening in this life, not because human want to make it happen, but it comes from the human's final attempt accumulation, life has no ability to hurt human, but only human can hurt, the main reason why human are not aware that they can hurt because every human has a reptile brain system where it teaches how to attack when they get stuck in the unprotected situation, human tend to fight when they don't like with the situation they already get in, now the question "why human tend to hurt themselves in every single day?" because they have fought with the life's rule and human don't want to accept any changes, in fact, life is designed to give what human deserve, life is designed to be like the automation machine where it will proceed what human did in the past.

 Human and life are tied together in the same arena where they will fight each other, whether human like or not with the life treatment, life always give a challenge to human in order to know whether human can survive or not within 24 hours, the main reason why human need to fight with life because life will kill the human's hidden potential, so, if human don't  fight back and don't practice with their own hidden potential, as a result, human will get a new trouble and they will get trapped with their closed mindsetnobody knows when the fighting process between the human and life will end, if human are tough with the life's challenge and keep surviving with the fullest self driven, life will give what human deserve, here is my special note; don't let life will give you too much the darkness because you will obsess with negativity, such as doubt, fear, anxiety, indignation, etc. Starting from today, don't focus on the result because life will give you the magnificent result when you already defeat your own ignoranceremember this note; life will give human with two option; looking for inspiration or looking for desperation, human can’t defeat the life when human lack of resourcefulness and lack of repetition, human must do a soul searching every day in order to awake the spiritual intelligence, the great loss will happen in this life not because human will die, but human stay die while they are still breathing on earth.

This life will hurt when human keep staying in the past moment because life keeps moving forward in the future, we don't have much time to look back to repair something happened in the past, on the other hand, nature will heal the human's mind when human keep working on their creativity, so there is no excuse to blame why life threaten human so unfairly, as i told you earlier, the power of creativity will be given to human when they can follow the life's rule and the nature's law, human can’t build the intellectual capacity when their satisfaction’s capacity is bigger than their intelligence capacity, the human's biggest enemy are lies in our satisfaction and our ignorance, both will gnaw away our creativity and destroy the human's potential when human lack of practice it, the nature will show the healing process when human succeed to obey with the life's rule and succeed to integrate between the nature's law and the power of self-awareness, here is the important notewhen you apply the nature’s habit into your daily life, your life will be working to you and it will give you access how to create the unlimited wealth.