Life is like a book

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to learn step by step from the chapter of life, if we concern about life, we will learn from what we can see physically, we call it as the life's cover, so we can't open the purpose of life when we are not interested with the life's cover, it's same thing when we are going to the book store, a book can't be valued as the most interesting book when we don't see something different with its cover, it’s similarly with life, when we are not interested with life, we will not learn something new from what the life offers, no matter how good it's contents, when we don't like about the purpose of life, everything around us will be bored and it's very irritated, that's why we need to find something fascinating from the life's cover, when we decide to love with the life, we must find the purpose of life by observing the mysterious thing which may attract our curiosity, remember this note; if you are not feeling curious at all about the purpose of life, your life journey goes dead and everything you see, everything you hear and everything you feel will become a menace, so you must be curious about something what life offers, every riddle from it will become the nutritious meals for your deepest soul.

Here is my special note; we must love with the purpose of life when we want to know deeper about the human's origin, basically the life is a guidance system where it teaches human how to produce something from nothing exist, the life itself is a gift where it is designed by God to teach us how to take responsibility, how to manage the priority scale, how to maximize the opportunity, how to appreciate about reward, how to get stronger, how to be wiser and dedicate with a God's gift, and many other thing we can learn from life, we must dictate our purpose of life carefully and control what we can control and we are not allowed to judge something bad when we can't control, that's the crucial point where it can determine whether we belong to be adult person or childish, when we fail at something new, we can rectify it by looking for the trusted reference, we rewrite something inspired in order to make us easier to identify what went wrong, don’t let other people will plan and dictate our lives story or they rewrite our lives story, if it’s happening, we will lose our ingenuity, lose our enthusiasm, lose our faith, lose our talent, lose our dignity, and many other thing.

If you look at the book, it offers the table of content, chapter one, chapter two, until the conclusion, in this life, it's pretty much the same, life has offered the past time in order to help us evaluating something that we had done, life has offered the future in order to help us prepare our craft earlier, life has offered new problem to us in order to educate us something inspired that we have never learned at school, in the end of life, we can't change what it's left from ourselves, ourselves will be asked by Almighty God about all responsibilities that we can choose and we will be asked about all qualifications that we have passed during we live on earth, all destinies we have written on it soon will be shared to God, during living on earth, we can't see something valuable because we are living in the middle of war between dead or alive, starting from today, we must love about our lives story because we are writers about something we plan ahead, we are dreamers of the dream and we are born from our imagination.

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