Life is too short to live other people’s dream

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to have fully fledged responsibility with your capability, you must to know that life is not talking about all rituals, habit or the favorite thing you enjoy with it, but life is talking about how you prepare for something you have never reached and how you run your own life design, we all agree that we are life’s architecture, but the question is "does everyone maximize their potential in order to run their life journey?",  life is not simple because we don't know how it works, but life will be more difficult when we prefer to live in the complexity between other people's dream and your dream, now let me explain why people's lives run ineffective because most people love to work with the easiest thing and people don’t dare to embrace new risk, this kind of ritual psychologically gives an advantage to people but it offers a greatest fearfulness in the future, why? Because they don’t educate their intellectual capacity by taking big responsibility, remember this; when there is no big responsibility, there is no power available for servicing the human’s need, when there is no power available, there is no ready potential which it can help human to solve any problem, now let me explain the main problem why people don’t dare to take big responsibility because they tend to focus about their territorial satisfaction area than they focus to use their curiosity to unveil about the future’s riddle.

Remember; the quality of your philosophy will guide you to decide what best thing you will do and your future begins depending on what you prepared in the past, at this phase, we must beware about what we believe because our faith will absorb something invisible, our happy life comes from the clearest goal we want to achieve, our faith is like the center of all authorities, the human's faith will work optimally when the individual person has own dream and live with it, if there is no concrete dream plan, we will live with uninspiring story, don't let it happen, the uninspiring story usually can't give support to what the human's soul wants, whereas the inspiring life story can strengthen the human's mental condition, good mental has ability to cure itself when it’s being hit with the problem whereas poor mental has no ability to cure itself when it’s being hit with problem, the strong faith comes from the nature, honesty, justice, dignity, spiritual intelligence and undying passion, if people don't possess them, people's lives will be tortured with any bad circumstance, life is basically neutral, depending on what people think about their time, if they can use their time so efficient, they can prolong their activity by targeting a new dream project, but when people can't use their time so efficient, they get desperate, sometimes fear becomes willpower when we put ourselves in the critical condition, we shouldn’t act casually when there is critical condition because time will never step backward.

Life will be shortened when we don’t have any focus on the big picture we created, or life will be shortened when we struggle with something that it doesn't deserve us, we must ensure about the career we choose because not all the things we can trust, sometimes we must create our dream project in order to measure how long our capability can endure and how we can maximize our hidden potential?, if we can't apply our hidden potential, it's not caused by our intelligence, but we still lack of curiosity and lack of enthusiasm, that's problem, one more thing; don't let we make a false judgment about what we can do in our career, If we put our false judgment to our own responsibility towards the dream project, our expectation will grow and we psychologically follow where our expectation begins and we will immobilize the power of dream, starting today, we need to avoid the easiest thing that we emotionally don’t need it because an ease is greater treat to progress than any hardship, we need to pursue the hardest thing where it can develop our significant value.


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