Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to know where our life journey is going, how to shape a better career and how to create a better future, the main reason why i choose that topic because future is always mysterious and unpredictable, at the present time, we need to have a clear vision and prime our personality to face the future's challenge because this life isn’t talking about how to create happiness or finding hobby, but this life is talking how to survive in the middle of endless patience and endless suffering, remember this note; we can’t create a better life by finding something that it doesn't belong to us, but all we need to prepare is how we create a better personality and let the life is interested with our positive vibes and let the life shapes our personality to be more attractive than our expectation, we can’t utilize something valuable in this life until we build our better personality, do you know why? because life needs the human's productive habit such as “Practice and Observe”, if we don’t use both habit, we can’t make a new experience and we can't have survival skill, As I observed, very few people can understand how the life works, do you know why? because they can't occupy their mind to the life journey and they just satisfy what their expectation wants, that's problem.
train your mind by occupying new problem, not filling it with your expectation

          Remember; time can’t give a big picture to the future, but by using the human vision and an attractive personality, it can give a big picture about what human need to prepare for the future, life will count the human's activity as long as they prepare some solutions to handle the future's challenge, the circumstance will change our season when we don't invest a good seeds for the future, good seeds are like the knowledge, build the communication skill, build the relationship skill, build a better personality, etc. That’s requirement we need to obey if we want to get a better vision, maybe we will doubt about how the future works and maybe we don’t believe about our independence skill, as long as we train our faith and train our mind to experience with a painful experience, everything impossible becomes possible because the sign of God already been there, I call it as the exit strategythe power of faith is like the pull force where it is designed by God to drag what human want from the future to the present time, whereas the power of imagination is designed by God to produce a new life and it can facilitate what human wants and also the power of imagination can help human how to convert the human's vision into reality, unfortunately not everyone can access the power of imagination and the power of faith because most of them are too obsessed about short term plan and they don’t have any big goal to be done consistently.

Remember this note; as long as human don’t have any enthusiasm to work with the power of imagination and the power of faith, they can't create a better personality, when they don't possess a better personality, everything they see will create a blur picture, that's frightening thing, don't ever underestimate the power of better personality because it can attract God's wisdom automatically, when we can possess God's wisdom, every big problem around us will become a small problem, our life journey is like the clay, whatever we want it, the future will absorb our best design, don’t argue with the temporary result when we get feedback from the future because whatever we do at this time is the part of progress, here is my special note; all result what we got based on our quality of our emotional development, if we want to get a better personality, we must change our philosophy and change our daily ritual because our quality of desires come from philosophy and daily ritual, after we invest our resources to the time, we are not entitled to interrupt the time’s job, let the time works as it usually does and we must believe the process.


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