Nature doesn’t need people but people need nature

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the topic “Nature doesn't need people, but people need nature" the meaning of that title is "nature is the mother of the human's skill and nature will provide what people really need when people fulfill what nature wants”, that's justice, if we can’t provide what life really wants, we will build the desperate mindset, the first thing we need to do when we want our life’s journey is moving forward; we need to leave the unproductive habit in the past and we need to tie ourselves with goals that we have never reached before, I think this method is efficient because it can develop the human's habit and enrich the human's knowledge, the law of nature is very powerful when it is often to be applied in the human's daily habit, based on the nature’s law, repetition and consistency will create self-commitment, as we know self-commitment is the basic rule where it had been designed by God to give what human deserve, without any commitment's existence, human don't have any chance to make new evolution in their life history, self-commitment is the powerful force because it can create the differentiation between the human's future and the human's enthusiasm. 

 If we can apply and learn from the nature’s habit, our sense of satisfaction will be immobilized and our power of focus will increase by itself, that's the lawI can assure you that your life will become magnificent if you pick up one of the nature's habit like self-commitment, remember this note; the law of nature is designed not only can give a good service to people’s basic necessities, but also the nature can give a bad service when there is evil purpose from human’s purpose, in my opinion; don’t play casually with self-commitment because it’s the law of nature, people can't create a better future when they don't know how to make self-commitment with their time zone, the law of nature will give reaction when there is the human's commitment, every reaction can't be manipulated with human's skill, remember this note; we don’t need to pursue the end result because giving the end result is the part of the nature’s system, it’s not part of human’s responsibility, so we are not allowed to interfere or break the system, we are just recommended to work on our dream or we invent the masterpiece where it can be utilized to help others people’s business, it's work ethic.

 the law of nature isn’t having an egoistic characteristic, so as human being, we have to sell our skill like what the nature does, the main reason why the nature is always becoming the success model forever because it always selling its gorgeous skill to human and other creatureswe must design our philosophy in order to keep us stay away from the negativity, keep working like the nature does is the answer how to approach God's wisdom, sometimes we need to create new perceive about the law of nature in order to clear our faith from doubt, if our faith are filled with doubt, our vision gets lost, basically the human's daily job are like the farmers in the rice field,  they are sowing the seeds, cultivating the land with fertilizer, cutting the weeds from the land and reaping the outcome, now I understand little bit why most people are not wealthy in the rest of their life because they don't want to study how to sow the good seeds, they prefer to live in their expectation zone than living in the wisdom zone, in the reality, most poor people are cultivating their mindset with unproductive habit and doing the unproductive ritual, remember; poor people always reject the law of nature, that's the reason they get poor.