No one is really busy, it all depends on their priority list

He prioritizes to extinguish his burning pant, he is not busy but he is in the extreme urgency level

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to recognize the human’s activity, as I reviewed some people are very proud with their busy weekday activity, some people are busy with unproductive habit, some people are busy spending their leisure time to their hobby, some people are busy by watching other successful people, some people are busy by planning the financial demands, some people are busy by working at company until they get pension, now what's the critical point from their activity? are they feeling better about what they do?, to answer that question, we need to think about the long term period they have spent, if they just do it for pleasure only, if it's is true, in opinion; they need to stop it because it will not increase their willpower, my question to them; have they ever considered about what their future wants? If this kind of answer has not yet been answered, they will get a personal series trouble and they will have the undetected problem for everlasting, we need to consider about this question; how much the time do we need to create the future? If the activity can create the big difference and the big influence within 5 until 15 years later, that is our best time investment because our future has been created between those period of time, we must be inspired with those period or we will get the uninspiring job.

          If we talk about busy, we shouldn't connect between our activity and money first because there is a clear distinguish between the price and the value, you may hear the phrase "the price can't buy the value, but the value can buy the price", means, we must focus on our strength because it can increase our self-esteem and the value can do something than what price can't do, the price can't teach human to survive in the long period of time because the price only teaches how to magnify self-satisfaction whereas the value teach human how to possess an attractive personality, dignity, and how to increase the capital, starting today, we need to rewrite our priority list because not all busy activity can be considered as productivity, we must differentiate between how the machine works and how the human's resource works, that's very important thing to be understood because our future has been at the stakes, remember this; our biggest enemy is not about financial problem, but our enemy is our ignorance about reason why we are still alive, everything what we hear, everything what we see and everything what we feel, all its function will be asked by God through us.

Habit and self control will determine where your ultimately willpower going

          Life is not talking about how you are doing at your busy week, but life is asking you how you can endure all pains, responsibility and suffering during you are on earth, I just want to remind you; if you can handle your pain, suffering, rejection, setback, unacceptable, patience, or the discomfort thing you have ever felt, don't get stressed about it, all bad treatments are good for you because it can be used to prepare your next best season, sometimes the most valuable thing that life gives to human is usually used to make differentiation between your past and your future, if your future has drastically changed, you are not busy, but you are doing productivity, but if your past has not had the differentiation with your future, you are busy but eventually you produce nothing, remember this phrase, “what you habitually think largely determines what you will ultimately become” the powerful forces needs the power of urgency from our time investment, that's the key how to make the life ultimately works.


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