Push yourself to do when nobody is going to do for you

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about how to push yourself to do something inspired when nobody is going to do for you, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people let their daily habit to be controlled by their expectation and they prefer to choose soul destroying job, as a result, they feel lifeless because they let the unknown circumstance to change what they can dothe main reason why most people don't want to push themselves to do something more because they don't have vision about the future plan and they have obsessed with the uninspiring dream where they have built it in their daily habit, if this condition still happens continuously; I worry they can't control where their sense of expectation goes, remember this note; if we don't do something that we think only we can finish it, the life circumstance will give us the desperate state, here is the reminder to self; don't ever feed the negative emotion with the desperate state or we will obsess with a poor mind state, every new chance in life will invite human's attention when they have no sense of the desperate state, when we grow our mood with a sense of desperate, it’s probably we never approach a new chancesometimes we need to hack our mind and chose a hard decision in order to leave our satisfaction, we need the force of friction to change our mentality, if there is no any force of friction, we can't control ourselves and automatically our mental age won't grow.

 The most important thing we should do when we face the unpleasant thing is improving our mindset and improve the mechanic we have such as our working style, our good service, our attitude skill, our speaking skill, we learn the way we associate with other people, we notice the way we dress, we change the way we spend our money, etc. Here are the good news if you can push yourself to do the difficult thing; your mental power will develop as fast as you learn about it, your life will be no dull because your life journey will be forgotten about the painful experience where it had occurred in the past moment, You need to train your mind to find solution that most people don’t have or people get afraid to dowhen you keep this kind of habit, everything you want will be transformed into reality, now the main reason why not many people want to help us to manifest our dream into reality because we don’t have any vision and any reason to be shared to themsometimes we need to evaluate about what we want to do before we share to others, prime ourselves to create something valuable is a must, we must create something simpler and understandable, so other people can absorb what you share, when we have created something that most people understand about it, other people will help us.

A sense of self-control will never happen when we don't lure it with great ambition, we must know our intelligence capacity level, we shouldn’t create a low goal or create the uninspired goal, besides that, we must attach the reasonable time to reach our clear goal, so we can monitor what we evaluate or we can improve what we need to improve, we must ensure that we have a reasonable time to control what we do, if we don’t have a reasonable time to pursue our ambition, we will lose our desire because we can’t get longevity patience, remember this note; when we push ourselves to set goal, we must ensure our goal can be measured with our deadline, furthermore, don’t let our goal can make us got desperate because it can't heal our inner world when we are willingly to take a long term plan, furthermore, don't let our opportunity is gone because of our carelessness and our casual habitthe most important goal is not fulfilling what we want, but how to give a small contribution for as many as people.