The true wisdom is knowing you know nothing

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the true wisdom, the main purpose why I choose that topic because true wisdom is the part of life lesson where it teaches human how to be experienced in any scope, we will get a new scope when we are willingly to leave our past experience and welcome new challenge, that's the key how to collect a wisdomdon't let time will stop our commitment during we gain the momentum of creation and don't let the unknown circumstance will change your core belief, remember this note; we can't collect any wisdom when we always commit by doing something easier, wisdom can't be represented with other people who surround you, wisdom is the ultimate resource where it can be used to change the human's destiny, wisdom is started from our sense of enthusiasm and sense of curiosity, as human being, we need to find any scope where it can help us to develop our inborn skill, we need to attract the wisdom by gaining new commitment, if there is no commitment, we will lose the power of retention.

       I think doing something difficult is the beginning process how to leave our unproductive habit, sometimes we can't achieve goals instead of our lack of skills, but we can't do things efficiently, the main problem why we can't collect new wisdom because we prefer to have the multitasking skill and we don't know how to do finish them all more efficient, here are the main problem why we can't collect the wisdom of life; we have trained our mindset to have the multitasking skill, we have too many goals, we lack of discipline, we lack of curiosity and we lack of enthusiasmwisdom can be born in the world when we apply the power of curiosity to look for the main source where it can create the human's resources, true wisdom can be started when we don't prioritize to know about our satisfaction level and true wisdom can be learned when we are not interested to do something where it can attract our unproductive habit, at this moment let me explain why you need to have the power of true wisdom, the first thing; you become the master of your own future and other people will seek your world because you love to create a better life for others than you think about your own life, the second thing; you can endure a lot of pain and suffering during you are living on earth, the third thing; your future life will work better than what your present time does.


          Wherever you go, your wisdom will guide you how to maximize the opportunity and how to avoid the dangerous thing, every wisdom needs good habit and it is not easy to be dealt with because you must leave a ton of your inefficient behavior, the main problem why most people are not interested to collect the new wisdom because they have a poor philosophy where it teaches them to learn something bad, here is the biggest risk in life; stay lingering in the same shelter, don't take any risk and not fighting what you fear the most, if you change your life, you may get hurt because you break your own rule, it may seem cruel but that’s good for you because you will leave your comfort zone and you are going to the wisdom zone where it can educate you how to stay rich for everlasting, sometimes being a fool for temporary is better than someone who feels smart but they don't have long term plan, here is my special note; we can’t change our destiny when we just prioritize what our satisfaction needs than not to prioritize about what our soul needs.


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