Today is the future I created yesterday

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always a good day, today I would like to share about the topic “today is the future I created yesterday”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people want to know how to differentiate between yesterday and future, at this time I would share how to make preparation in order to fulfill the requirement where it’s needed to create well design in the future, some people consider the future has the same purpose with tomorrow, in fact, the future belongs to those who are seriously create their own life design and the future will offer the magnificent result when there is a pulling trigger from the human’s resources, such as vision, courage, discipline, determination, retention and strong faith, whereas, tomorrow is not offering a big result, instead, it will give human about the self-reflection from what they did in yesterday, when we want to see any changes within our life story, we need to change today's agenda, not yesterday, all we need to prepare for the future is giving our power of serving to other creatures like what God does in the reality worldif you do the good deeds not for yourself, you will reap what you sow bigger than you imagine, don’t let yesterday stopped your creation, your creation is too important rather than the world’s contents.
You can change the world when you leave old habits where it didn't teach you how to survive

          This life has offered two option; desperation or inspiration, if you apply the inspiration to your own life design, you must defeat your own unproductive habit where it offers you the greatest satisfaction, but if you apply desperation to your own life design, the day will run you to the new direction that you are not interested with it,  that's consequence, the life's rule is like the knife, it has two eyes, one of the knife eye’s shape is blunt and other the knife eye’s shape is sharp, you can use the knife eye’s sharp to educate yourself with the daily inspiration and discipline, it seems hurt, but it’s good for you because it can help you to step out from your perfection, on the other side, the knife eye’s blunt is used to behave polite and care about other people's lives, here is my daily note; if you don’t want to discipline yourself with the power of love, the unknown circumstance will discipline you with the power of force, this nature will heal your mind when you don't devote with darkness of life and the nature will not heal you when you take negativity as your resources, if you can’t use the nature for the right purpose, the nature will not give you access how to create the unlimited wealth and the nature will let your mind looking for the endless satisfaction, that’s the law, if you really want to change your life, don't just think about your own satisfaction, but think about how to make the nature working for you, a good life is calculated by the quality of your emotion, spirituality and your wisdom, all bad decisions come from the bad habit, bad ritual and lack of practice,

Remember this note; everyone has the quality of philosophy and human’s life is determined by their own philosophy, poor people have a poor philosophy and rich people have a rich philosophy, here is note; poor people invest their time to work for money whereas rich people invest their time to make their life works and how to create a good service for as many as people, if you appreciate your most days by learning with nature, this life will educate you how to be rich and teach you how to make creation, if you appreciate your most days by earning money only, life will provide what you need but life will not provide what your future needs.


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