What are powers in math?

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to discover the power of math, as we know the math belongs to the compulsory subject from kindergarten school, primary school, secondary high school, senior high school and the university, but what is the importance in math rather than other compulsory subject? At this moment let me explain what are powers in math? The first advantage you will receive when you study math; your brain’s logical system will work faster 20% than you are studying other subject at school because math has offered many complexity, such as number, line, graphic, angle, algorithm, adding, subtracting, dividing and the complex number, maybe some people will hate to study math, but it’s very good for the human’s brain nutrition because math can increase human's brain data processing input faster than studying another compulsory subject which it is taught by teacher at the formal education system, but remember this note; math is created not to make the human get more foolish, but it’s opposite, math can help human to reconcile between reality and chaos within their mind.

If you embrace math, I am sure you will find many new difficulties and you will feel chaotic, that’s normal process, the main reason why I say it’s normal process because our potential aren't ready to accept new difficulties, so we need some friction to adapt with new difficult by awakening our spirituality and our new habit, remember this note; there is no master was not beginner, so there is nobody will have success DNA since they were born on earth because success itself comes from the personal's nurturing process,  here is the second advantage you will receive when you study math; your lifestyle will never feel bored because your mind will be curious about the life’s challenge, your mind loves to discover with new riddle where most people don’t learn it,  here is the third benefit you will receive when you study math; your mind will reject the information where it doesn’t offer with the uninspiring story and math will give you the rational mind process to select which valuable information should be taken, sometimes we need to select about the new information which may attract our attention because every information will influence our mind thinking process and we shape our future based on how much valuable information we have learned, not all information are valuable to be remember, if we notice everything where it doesn’t be needed by our soul, it would boomerang on ourselves because it can break our focus, hurt our serenity and also it can attract the unwanted disaster where it doesn’t be needed by us.

Starting today, don’t let your children or your family member will hate about math, you can give them a story and big benefit to them that math will give them specialization to the future's career, besides that, math can help human how to make the rational decision than to make the emotional decision, here is the fourth benefit you will receive when you study math; math can give you the power of meticulous and it will help you to predict your best decision when your position is stuck in the difficult situation, in the daily life, math can help human how to visualize the picture of their creativity accurately based on the reality, passion and vocation, here is for your note; the more you love about the numbers, the more you appreciate about your money calculation and care about your future business plan, besides that, here is the fifth benefit when you study math; math can educate you how to work based on the reality, not by taking a careless error or careless judgment and math will give you a different point of view how to think towards problem, I think those are the power of math based on my research. 


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