When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the power of root, if you know behind its hidden potential, all human problems will be converted into solutions, why it would be like this? because root is having consistency and unstoppable characteristic, the root knows the life journey will be difficult, so it will grow as far as it goes, there is no reason to fear about the problem because the root believes about its potential rather than life's journey, the same like the human's faith, our root of faith is much stronger than the problem’s size, wind is like the problem, our capacity will get bigger than the problem as long as we don't stay at undeveloped mind and keep working like the tree's root, here is note you need to remember; wind is designed not to destroy the tree’s leaves, but it is designed to test whether the tree’s root is strong enough or not to endure the wind’s blowing, if you apply this philosophy to your life, I am sure you will feel relieved because this philosophy will guide you how to create the new luck from your activity and also this philosophy will guide you how not to deal with the undetected resources which may risk your life, if you don’t apply with the power of root into your mindset, your power of faith will be destroyed with your own ignorance, don’t let it happen in the reality, before your power of faith will be gone, you have to make the artificial emergency plan and think about the utmost problem you want to solve, if you have this kind of habit, your spiritual intelligence will grow and minimize your fearfulness's side effect.
As above, so below

          You have to keep your faith growing in order to resist from the fearfulness’s assault, don’t be afraid with your fearfulness because it will disappear by itself when you keep cultivating your power of momentum, sometimes our intelligence can't work optimally because our root of faith loses its desire when it's dealing with our absolute expectation, you have to remember this note; the more you deepen your root of faith, the softer your problem will be, don't think it so naive, if you possess the strong faith, it will influence your mental intelligence and emotional intelligence to grow and you will keep fighting till the end, here is my insight; don’t stay lingering for too long in the rest mode because your will lose the power of momentum, your root of faith must be cultivated with the nature’s philosophy and you have to create the sense of higher purpose to excel your wisdom, I just want remind you once again about the power of root; the tree's roots have never obsessed to grow, although it has no imagination, it has no motivation, it has no ambition, it has no self-esteem, nevertheless, they keep growing because it defends its existence from putrefaction, if you ponder about the root philosophy, I am sure you get an unconditional success in your career more than what you imagine.

Starting from now, don’t fill in your imagination with the picture where it can influence you to stay casually in the one place and stay with the same target more than one year, you need to keep your existence growing like what the root does, every day you have to become a different person that you admire, don't just behave like the limited edition stuff where it can't survive at any circumstance, if you are curious about the nature’s philosophy, the nature will heal your mind, heal your pure heart, heal your habit and heal your rest of your life, if you work like the tree's roots, you will not stop learning to grow your potential because you understand that life is not the kind of place where it offers the easiest challenge, the greatest career in life doesn't offer the great motivation or any reward, but it offers existence, if you can work optimally not because you need the self-motivation or greatest reward, means, you can defeat your biggest enemy where it lies in your soul, here is my last note; if you keep growing like the root’s principle, the obstacle ahead will become the nutrition for your imagination.