You can’t go back in the past and change the beginning

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the title; “you can’t go back in the past and change the beginning”, the meaning of that title is no matter how tough your effort or create any mistakes that you made in the past, you couldn’t change the ritual in the past because your time was obsolete, the moment you have made in the past had been locked forever by the time, remember this note; you will create a new life when you exchange your free time with new creation, you can't break the life's rule by changing your past moment, the past is too dangerous and frightening, that’s the agreement between our time and our life’s rule, when the life says “when you exchange your time with me, don’t ever hope to return your time to yourself because I will return to you what you deserve and what you believe”, the main idea; we are not allowed by God to exchange our past time with the future's time because it will hurt us if we take that decision, all we need to do when we get the disrespectful treatment in this life is writing what you believe, prove what you believe in the reality world and stop hoping back what you have given.

There is no meaningful story in this life when we are to be told by history to stay the same in the same history track, we must create an evolution or we will deliberately destroy our opportunity, sometimes our weariness in the past was very needed to learn the untold story which is provided by the future's time, means, we can’t strengthen new foundation of our lives if we just remember the oldest history, the main reason why we need to forget the oldest history for moment because the oldest history can't change our future, our vision will be locked by the history if we repeated it and put it into future's time, it’s very dangerous thing, maybe you think history is not hurt anymore, but repetition will make you hurt yourself, please take this note; making the same mistake more than once, it’s not mistake, but it’s your decision, you can’t leave that mark before you break the chain of your habit, don’t just believe what you know is good, a good thing you believe will never make you better if you produce nothing, good thing is the ability to leave the comfort zone without complaining, you must produce something in order to create the real change, the prosperous zone will never appear when you are satisfied with the end result.

 A real change is very needed because the future time always creates the new opportunity to keep us approaching in our destiny, we can’t approach our future time when we stop learning and we also can’t change our past time because our time was obsolete, stay walking forward is the best option to keep improving our lives, when you do a good thing, it will return to you without hesitation, when you haven’t tasted the successful story till now, the problem is not about what you give, but problem is coming from your time usage, when you don’t use your time wisely, you lose opportunitythe more you produce nothing for your free time, the more you are stayed away from your luck.