You must change what you are sowing to change what you are reaping

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share how to change what we are sowing to change what we are reaping, the main reason why we need to change what we are sowing because the result will be returned to us based on the accurate calculation, we can’t deny that reality, when we do a good deed to others, the good shall be returned to us, when we do the evil to others, the evil shall be returned to us, it's law of nature, based on the nature's characteristic, nature can heal the human's mental condition when they change the purpose and life will hurt the human's mental condition when people resist the law of nature, now we already find the main problem why people can't get prosperous living because they don't change what they are sowing, starting today, no matter how tough our lives, we shouldn't escape from reality, we can't change the reality but we can change what we are sowing, the more good seeds we are sowing, the more we reap than we expect, that's the simplicity of old way of life.

          Now we can detect why the major problem can't escape from people because they don't break the chain of habit, that's greatest importance, when we don't prioritize how to make the life works, life will not run optimally, the same thing goes with the plant growing time, the plant will not blossom when there is no cultivation strategy, when we only think about what we are reaping, life will not provide what we need because we don't have any chance to build something, we underestimate about our time zone, that's hereditary problem, remember this note; every human has time zone, it will start calculating the human's resource development when people take action consistently and it will stop calculating when people don't take action, that's the key to understand how the life works, basically the time zone can be used to monitor how human can utilize their skill to manifest something from imagination into reality, if we behold at the law of nature such as “the law of cause and effect”, the life says "don’t bring me what you need, but bring me some good values to me, such as discipline, courage, make a good service, unrelenting faith, dream, consistency, commitment, and many other good things, when you already give some good values to me, I will work for you, trust me", that's life's work ethic.

          This life doesn’t break its promise because life's system is designed by Almighty God, sometimes God will put little bit the sense of fear in your heart in order to insist you by cultivating your major skill for building the future, now the question is "what level your urgency?", when you don't want to create the artificial emergency plan, you will waste your effort and time will cancel the development process, now the human problem is not only talking about what they are sowing, but they still don't know how to handle their willpower, it is caused people lack of curiosity, they need the powerful force to awaken their sense of willpower, remember this; the human's willpower can't grow when there is no powerful forces from the critical environment, that's the key, when the critical environment has been adopted into the human's daily life, future will give the unimaginable wealth.


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