Your limitation only comes from your faith

your limitation comes from your faith

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to recognize your power of faith and recognize your limitation, the main purpose why I choose that topic because the power of faith is the highest human resources where it can determine which destination human will arrive, besides that the power of faith can empower the human’s imagination, but relying on faith is not enough to make a big difference between what did yo do in your past and the activity you should be doing in your future, as we know everyone has the power of faith, but unfortunately not many people know how to delegate its power, at this moment, let me give you step by step how to recognize your limitation and how to delegate your power of faith, the first thing you must do is don’t take the easiest responsibility and you have to take as many as responsibility you want to endure in the long period term, if you can apply it everyday, you will become a different personthe second thing you must do is strengthen your mentality with a big target you haven't reached yet, you must ensure you will pursue it no matter what it takes, the main reason why your mentality must be trained a little hard because you will know whether your power of faith will work optimally or not, have you ever thought why you and I must take bigger responsibility than before? Because every responsibility will invite the greater source where it is going to fill up our potential’s power, if there is no responsibility, our faith becomes impotent, our existence will be meaningful when our potential power can be used to service what mankind needs, besides that, we can't delegate our potential when we don't break our limitation.

          Every human has the limitation area where it is used to protect what importance inside, but unfortunately, the limitation area often blocks something where it is trying to come in, as human who have authorized to deal with new circumstance, we need to prepare the hardest plan where it can help human to evolve their mentality, no matter how hard the condition will be, the human's faith usually creates the vision where it can influence people to keep learning, growing from one experience to another one, the limitation area is located at the human's greatest satisfaction where it grows up every day and depend on what human's activity does, the more human create their unprofessional ritual and habit, the more people grow their satisfaction's size till it becomes greedy, in this case, we must beware about all kind of activity we have chosen because every activity produces emotionsdon't let the sense of negativity grows by itself from the activity we have chosen, all kind of our emotions we have created can determine to our futurein my insight; before you believe something you have never tried before, you need to clean your mind from the other people's wisdom because the human's wisdom are not always be right all the time, if you stick together with the human’s faith without comparing it with the nature's philosophy, you will become the prisoner of other people's faith, your faith can become a great threat for you when you don't allow the nature to heal you.

Don’t let the wrong faith will create fearfulness and don't let fearfulness will dominate your imagination level, you have to test which information will get into your consciousness, don't follow the series of events where it let your satisfaction is bigger, you must dare to say "enough is enough", you have to go back to work and finish your target as soon as you can, starting from today, remember this note; when you break your own limitation, you will meet bigger limitation than previous one, that's why ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship, you need to empower your faith with the nature’s philosophy until you get wiser, the more you learn about the nature, the more you approach God’s wisdom I just remind you the power of faith doesn't make things easy, but it makes them possible for you, good faith doesn't teach you how to trust, but it teaches how you observe, think and find any evidence, whereas the wrong faith teaches how to trust without allowing you to observe, think and find any evidence, furthermore, the power of faith doesn't limit the human's creation because God has no limit to provide His wisdom to human.