4 signs you are in a toxic relationship

         Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about 4 signs you are in a toxic relationship, the main reason why I choose that topic because many couple don’t realize that they are trapped in a toxic relationship in several years and they still can't escape from physical proximity, now let me share to you about 4 signs you are in toxic relationship, the first sign that you are in a toxic relationship; there is no single response from your spouse when you invite your spouse to talk together, means your spouse's doesn't consider you as the important person because you can't understand your spouse's problemthe reason why giving response to spouse is important because it signs that someone trusts with spouse, if your service is not appreciated by your spouse, means your spouse considers that you are supposed to walk awaydon’t ever underestimate with the sign of response because a love life breaks easily not because there is fighting or any dispute, but love life breaks easily because every couple shows behave indifferent into each otherstarting today, don’t let you or your spouse shows being indifferent, if you are bored about your relationship, try to challenge yourself to dig new information about your spouse’s interest, not trying to walk away from your spouse.

        Here is the second sign that you are trapped in a toxic relationship; there is no progress during making a close proximity, means, you and your spouse are not finding any strong reason to live together in the future, furthermore you and your spouse are not ready to accustom with every change of respective behavior, this problem is caused by lack of commitment and lack of sense of possessive about love feeling, if this relationship is forced to keep going, your mental strength is decreasing automatically because your service is not considered as the important thing in the eye of your spouse, remember this note; don’t ever think living on earth is like living in the heaven, it’s totally wrong, in order to prolong our love life, we need to survive for what we pursue, fighting hard to go against a toxic relationship, sometimes you need guts to make tough decision and you plan to fail, not because you are doing a lot to your spouse doesn’t mean you are getting more done, here is special note; not all result are designed to make you happy, but problem in relationship will get you stronger than you were yesterday.

        Here is the third sign that you are trapped in a toxic relationship; there is no sense of trust while you will plan to delegate something to your spouse, means you can’t give all authorities to your spouse because your spouse’s character doesn’t meet what your authority demands, if your spouse puts a toxic relationship, means you have to stop giving your service to your spouse because he/she doesn’t appreciate what you provide, remember this note; everything valuable will be more worthy when someone knows how to be trustworthy person, everything valuable will be unworthy when someone doesn’t know how to make something useful for spouse, here is the last point I want to share, the fourth sign that you are trapped in a toxic relationship; your spouse isn’t interested with your life story, and your spouse doesn’t want to plan something bigger with you in the future, hopefully you can avoid the 4 sign of toxic relationship and you can rescue your valuable resources in the long term plan.


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