8 ways to mend a broken relationship

         Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about 8 ways to mend a broken relationship, the main reason why I choose that topic because many couples feel regret and they don't know how to mend a broken relationship, here is the first strategy to mend a broken relationship; make an official agreement in the note where it states what to do and what not to doI just remind you that this strategy is not always getting successful, you need to behave patience when your spouse still does something irritated to youwhen the condition keeps getting worst, you need to leave your spouse for awhile and give your spouse several options to rethink how to run a good relationshiphere is the second strategy how to mend a broken relationship; leave respective ego and prepare to compromise, this is strategy can be applied to strengthen a broken relationship as long as there is willingness to try from both of them, if you or your spouse are really serious to mend a broken relationship, both must kindle a respective interest in order to break old habit where it may create a dispute among them.

        Here is the third strategy how to mend a broken relationship; don’t fix something unchangeable but fix something measurable, means, don’t try to remind of spouse past mistake, but try to optimize what your spouse's talent and support what you can do for your spouse, remember this note; only you can fix your personal character, when you improve what you can do, there is still chance for you to rejuvenate your spouse’s mood, here is the fourth strategy how to mend a broken relationship; change your unsupported environment with supported environment, this is important, sometimes your spouse doesn’t like to see you because you are getting around with bad influence which is created by your friend circle, when you leave unsupported environment, automatically your ritual can be mended as well, when your spouse realizes it, your spouse will give you a chance to harmonize him/her mood, here is the fifth strategy how to mend a broken relationship; make the official gathering between your parents and your spouse’s parents, at least they can help you how to mend your relationship problem by offering some win-win situation, here is the sixth strategy how to mend a broken relationship; leave your ritual which it has potential to make your spouse hates most about you,  this is important clue, the wrong ritual will influence your behavior, when you have a bad behavior, everything you give for your spouse, result will injure your spouse's feeling, when you renew your ritual, at least it can elevate your spouse’s interest about you.

        Here is the seventh strategy how to mend a broken relationship; give a special gift where your spouse demands from you, this strategy will work as long as you don’t have any bad intention to break your spouse's feeling, here is the eighth strategy how to mend a broken relationship; learning about your spouse's life story before your spouse met you directly, show full empathy when your spouse tells a life story to you, unwittingly you can understand about your spouse's personal problem, when you keep this habit happening, finally you can find a root of a broken relationship.


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