A wise question is half the answer

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to make a wise question, the main reason why we need to create a wise question because it can be used to create a better imagination, a better plan and a better idea for our future, I have ever researched about the power of how to make a wise question, it really works to my life, you know why? Because the human’s brain system will work optimally when it accepts a wise question, if there is no wise question which it is being intended to the human’s conscious mind, the brain will cause the bad respond to the people behavior, when we have a sudden difficult situation, don't put bad judgment on this area because life will bring a worse reaction twice times more severity than our expectation, we can't use bad judgment to change our condition, we must create a wise question in order to invite life and let it creates a good reaction for us, when we can create a wise question, automatically life will not hurt us, instead it will give a better solution, the human’s brain system is like the parachute’s working principle, the parachute is useful once it’s has been given with the wind’s blow, if there is no wind's blow, the parachute is useless, it's same thing like the human's potential's principle, the human's potential will be meaningful when it has been given with an insatiable curiosity, practice and a critical question.

           But remember this; not all questions can activate the human’s brain potential, all depends on the quality of question which it is created by the high quality of human’s emotion, nobody knows how to make a critical question till people will get a personal bad experience or they receive an inspiring story from other people who give a good influence, here is the note; when people have a good experience, it comes from people’s good judgment, and good judgment comes from people’s bad experience, then people’s bad experience comes from their bad judgmentwe must beware when we make a bad judgment towards problem because most problem we have is coming from the quality of our bad manner, when we make a bad judgment, it gives command to our conscious mind to do something bad, if we commit to do repeatedly, it becomes bad habitthe main reason why most people don't realize about their bad habit because they feed their mind with uninspiring question, if people ask themselves with a wise question, I am sure they will think five times before doing something bad, let me gives you the example of wise question, "what loss I will get if I love to postpone something important to my future?" and "what factor makes human get grateful today instead of waiting to receive money?"

 In my opinion, when we can’t speak about truth or good words, we would better to shut our mouth because our bad habit is determined by our quality of words, starting today, we must train our mind by giving it with a wise question or critical question, if we this kind of habit, I am sure our lives will be magnificent because we always prepare good thing before bad thing happens, now the question, how many a wise question do we make during a month recently? if we provide a wise question, it will help our lives from a midlife crisis or a chaotic mind, if you ask me "does a wise question give human an opportunity to succeed?" of course, because the success story comes from the human's eloquent words and also there are repeatable wise questions at that time, hopefully you can start to teach your beloved family how to make a wise question.