Don’t try to find the right person, but being the right person

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to be the right person whom you love in the long period of time and not trying to find the right person, the main reason why I recommend like that because we ourselves will live fullest with a personal habit, a personal responsibility, a personal skill and a personal ritual where it can’t be duplicated into other people's lives, when there is statement above mentioned comes up to your mind, you may ponder a bit about it, “why I shouldn’t need to find the right person first to be with me?” here is the answer; because not everyone wants to be with us and not everyone is attracted with our personal character, that’s a crucial statement we need to examine to our own personality, if we want to be pursued by the right person, we must build a personal character where it can design a beautiful journey for everyone's dream, so there is life mission we need to do it by ourselves, the right person usually will look for person who is able to provide what the right person needs, that's the law, the more we are able to create emotional healing in our personal character, the more we will be pursued by the most people who suffer a mental disease, as we know that everyone has mental disease, eventually most people usually try to find someone who can create emotional healing for curing their personal character, here is the note to self; when we possess an attractive characteristic, we will be met with someone who has a right principle.

Remember this note; we can't get the right person's attention until we challenge ourselves to improve our personalityif we just wait to give reaction to the right person, we will find the unpleasant regard from everyone's attention because we don’t have any ability to attract the right person’s attention, here are several principles we need to possess in order to attract the right person's character, the first principle; we must possess a productive habit where it can inspire everyone to possess the power of giving, here is the main reason why we need to possess the power of giving because the right person's character possess the power of giving, besides that, "this life will not give a bad reaction to us when we will preempt something good for our personality improvement”, we must build attractive character and this life will help us finding the right person to be with us, the second principlewe must have life mission like the right person has, the right person is not interested by attracting everyone's attention but the right person can attract everyone's sense of feeling with his legacy, here is good philosophy you need to learn; "the higher purpose you build, the higher value you will consume", means, if you work for making a better place for everyone around you, life will give you an extraordinary result, but unfortunately, not everyone will like by what the right person does because they really envy it.

If you gather around with people, make sure you find the grateful people, you know why? Because only despicable person will give a bad reaction to you no matter how good your capabilities, if this condition is happening to you, so you must leave that person immediately because he/she has disgraced your service, here is wisdom you need to remember; a despicable person will be married with a despicable person, a disgraceful person will not be married, unless he/ she will get along together with a disgraceful person’s character, starting from now, please don’t ask the right person to be with you, but ask yourself “how I can be observed with the right person?” if you understand about that statement, you will find a way how to calm yourself from bad reaction and eventually you will meet with the right person.


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