How to build mental health in relationship

         Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to make good relationship with someone who can provide a mental health, the main reason why we need someone who can provide mental health because that’s requirement to prolong a longevity love life, but before we find the right person, we must train ourselves by giving more than our expectation, if we have this kind of habit, automatically we build mental health, the more we practice and build mental health, the more we deserve to get a longevity love, that's nature lawlove life is like building a long term partnership in business, we can’t expect something good from someone we loved before we can provide a good resources to our spouse's candidate, let me share about how to build a mental health in relationship; the first chapter; your character must be openness and reliable, this is the first quality how to build a long term partnership, if someone can’t make open relationship to us, means he/she has another relationship where they deliberately hid their forbidden relationship from us, we must beware with someone who doesn’t want to make openness with you because this kind of character indicates someone can’t create a mental health in long term relationship, remember this; if your spouse has inability to see any worth from you, means your spouse don’t consider you as VIP person.

         If your spouse keeps silent suddenly, don't ever dare to share something to your spouse about your life game, but you can give offer some services and wait for your spouse's signal, if he/she wants to share a feeling of proximity about you, means your spouse is interested about your life journey, here is the second chapter how to build mental health in relationship; you show the respect to your spouse, means, you don’t become a happiness taker and you add some portion of your happiness to your spouse, this is important manner because it will increase your dignity, I know this strategy is not easy to do, but when you expect nothing from someone you loved, you can learn from this advantage, if your spouse belongs to good person, he/she will show respect to you by giving you a reward or maybe your spouse shows empathy to you, but if your spouse belongs to bad person, your spouse will show ungrateful about your existence, your spouse will give response you don’t deserved to get, remember this note; before we build a long term relationship with someone who doesn't know how to love us, we must practice ourselves to bear the burden, do you know why? Because not all expectation will bring joyful relationship, before expectation came up, we must detect the sign of unhealthy relationship.

       Here is the main points we need to rememberreality will reveal the truth behind your spouse’s identity without asking your permission, there is always mysterious thing when we can't detect in relationship, but we must prepare the contingency plan when our spouse can't show something you deserve to get, mental health in relationship can't grow when there is no cooperative activity, to prevent the sign of heartbreaking sometimes you need to become a small contributor when you start new relationship, do you know why the main reason? Because act of contribution can provide the millions of purity love and it's good to your mental health although your spouse can't make a purity love for youHere is the third chapter how to build mental health in relationship; having the quality time to your spouse, when you share your quality time, at least it can be used to support when your spouse in need, here is the last note to reminder; healthy love doesn't teach you how to suspect about your spouse and health love teaches you how to give more, not expect much.