How to build trust with our spouse

            Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to build trust with our spouse, the main reason why I choose that topic because many couple don't know how to build trust and most of them break their relationship rather than defending their relationship by making a new plan or new negotiation, at this moment let me explain how to build trust with our spouse, the first thing you should do if you want to build trust; recognize your spouse’s interest, ask him/her to write down to the paper about his/her feeling towards you, make sure your spouse can express frankly their feelings about you through paperwhen you attend the event with your spouse, involve him / her to keep your money, if your spouse can behave transparent, means your spouse's character is reliable, sometimes giving a small delegation to your spouse can become one of the big asset how to build an everlasting trust one each other, remember; delegation of authority is very important, if your spouse can appreciate it, you must continue your love life, if your spouse behave in the opposite direction, you must rethink two or three times how to defend your relationship.

         Trust can become the biggest evidence after you have given the delegation to your spousetrust can’t be found when you and your spouse have no inner conflict, but the power of trust will be shown up when you and your spouse prefer to make negotiate together when a problem already came up and not to accuse who will be labelled the right or wrong, remember this note; if we want to get trust from our spouse, we must give our service more than what our spouse can give back to us and don’t ever expect to receive any gift from our spouse, that’s the criteria how to get the power of trust from our spousethe second thing you should do if you want to build trust; you must show your integrity and reputation to your spouse that you can become one of the reliable person and trustworthy persondon’t just wait and hope your spouse will trust you, sometimes you need to precede the process of providing your service rather than waiting your spouse to require your assistance, that’s the key how to attract your spouse's trust, if you can’t be trusted with your spouse, you must give your benevolent intention by fulfilling what your spouse wants, don't try to fix what your spouse wants, sometimes you need to show your empathy, learn your spouse's objection towards your recent attitude is better than finding your spouse's weaknesses.

          We need to train our mindset how to value our time by increasing self-esteem, self-image and self-knowledge, time is the most trusted resources in this life, when you can value your time by doing something positively, automatically you will be entrusted by other people to do something useful, that’s the training program how to build trustif we can’t do it, we will never receive the delegation from other people, so here is my insight; don’t ever underestimate the power of trust, when we lose it, we will never become the valuable person today and unwittingly our action will cancel our fortune in the future, remember; build trust is like sowing a good seed in other people's empty land, when our good seed is very meaningful in the eye of people, they will give us authority.