How to improve work ethic

Gathering the ideas is kind of productive habit

         Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about how to improve work ethic, the main reason why I choose that topic because not all people want to apply work ethic, let me remind to you why people don’t want to improve work ethic because they finish a daily task based on what they have been given by their boss, there is no extra dedication when they have finished daily work, now I will share to you about several work ethic you need to apply if you want to get appreciated by market place or company; here is the first work ethic; you need to build joy when you commit to work, make sure you choose to work not because there is necessity, if you work for necessity, you will not get an extra ability because you put your focus on the profit only, remember this note; profit is designed not to give you an extra skill because profit is designed to lock your mind from something higher, at this phase, you must find a job where it can teach you how to enrich your creativity and how to create a sense of joy once you take that job, don’t let huge profit will alter you to become a money making machine.
Dignity is the professional worker's habit

        Here is the second work ethic you need to learn; you must have personal integrity, the main reason why you must possess personal integrity because everything you do will reflect about who you become in the future, your reputation depends on how much effort you put into your daily habit and your integrity, if you don’t have it, your job will not give you good value, instead your job will give you a burdensome, if you let this condition is happening, you will not have a chance to improve your skill because your mental health is on the crisis, unfortunately many leaders don’t educate themselves with integrity, so their inferior staff will not give their leaders a credit, remember this note; your reputation depends on how you commit with something you do daily, if you work by providing a good service to your customer, your personal integrity will grow and your sense of kindness will burgeon as well, if your job can’t give the big influence to you, automatically it can’t educate you how to become valuable person to many people’s lives, when your job doesn't increase your dignity, means your job builds a bad reputation to you, here is my daily note; your reputation depends on how you give to others, it just like the manufacturer.

       We don’t need to work if there is no integrity to be offered, so you must get a job where it can build your passion, not working for necessity, if you work for necessity only, you will not stand to work for any longer, here is the third work ethic you need to learn; you must build your own time management, if your job can’t teach you how to make your own time management, means you will overwork until you feel irritated, basically a nice job shouldn’t offer you a huge profit, but it can educate you how to manage your stress and a nice job will help you to increase your integrity, if your job increase your profit and lower your integrity, I am telling you, you will enter to the satanic circle, please don’t accustom yourself with that kind of job.


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