How to increase self-confidence

         Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to create self-confidence, the main reason why we need to learn it because confidence can strengthen our power of trust towards other people, if we lack of self-confidence, whatever we do is having no purpose because we haven't enough courage to pursue it, now the question is “where does self-confidence come from?” it comes from our self-discipline and strong commitment about what we do daily, there is no self-confidence when we don't develop our inborn skill every day, let me share several qualities how to increase self-confidence; the first quality how to increase self-confidence; time management, the main reason why we must build time management because our quality of life depends on how much time we invest into it and how much value we produce on it, if we don’t have time management, time will run by itself without giving us a sense of joy and time will leave us to the desperate time where it offers an instant happiness, not longevity happiness, here is the second quality how to increase self-confidence; life independence skill, the main reason why we need to learn it because life always offers uncertain thing, whether we like it or not, we must sharpen our survival skill to counteract the life crisis or the unwanted condition.

         We can’t make too much hope when life offers uncertain thing, we must create contingency plan to counteract the unwanted problem, our quality of life depends on how much lesson we can take and how strong our commitment in scope, we can't delegate self-confidence when we don't repeat what we do daily until we can solve problem, sense of self-confidence must be balanced with knowledge, good experience and courage, everything gets better when we have ability to correct false judgment to the root of problem, if we have this kind of habit, habit will increase our sense of self-confidence and habit will keep us away from any life pressure, here is the third quality how to increase self-confidence, we must have ability to have a pain tolerance and stress management, the main reason why we need to learn it because not all problems can create happiness for us, sometimes we need to adapt ourselves by accepting rejection or setback, it may take long process, but that's the life game, we can't win at competition when we don't accustom with repetition and eventful journey, remember this; self-confidence comes from the ability to endure pain and problem solving skill, not coming from the human's appearance.

        Independence skill will never happen unless we totally change what we love and change what we pursue, our self-confidence can’t grow if we aren't eagerness to solve problem, besides that, we must beware with a toxic influence which may come from social circle, social media or surrounding environment, here is the fourth quality how to increase self-confidence; we have ability to build a money independence skill, the main reason why we need to prepare that skill because life offers the unexpected thing, the more we have a money problem, the more we learn how to reduce extravagant habit, those are strategy how to increase self-confidence.