How to make tough decisions

        Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to make tough decisions, the main reason why I choose that topic because there are many decisions don’t turn the human’s life into something they desire so bad, if this condition has been repeatedly, human will lose their willpower and their life journey will get stuck between their expectation and their chaotic mind, the main cause why people’s decision can’t turn their lives into something meaningful because there is no tough decision will be made, furthermore, most people don’t want to train their survival instinct to create unprecedented opportunity, that's major problem people should notice, remember this note; when someone can’t create a tough decision when he has a lot of free time, he will never get an opportunity to make tough decision when he has faced crisis, every tough decision needs a clear mind to practice, don’t let a life circumstance gives you an instant happiness because it is going to leave you when you need it, you and I shouldn’t act too casual because time doesn't always offer new opportunity, our best period of time is now, not later or tomorrow, if we don't have a sense of urgency, we don’t make any progress at all, that's key.

        We need to compete with our future because we will never know whether we will receive good news or bad news, Sometimes we need to ignore our past experience in order to create unprecedented opportunity, if we don't do that, our past memory can lock our mind to the clear goal, here is note; when we run the day by prioritizing self-interest, we will never get notified when the day drives us to the desperate zone, whether we like it or not with life test, we must create preparation for the worst thing because life itself will never compromise, we will never get something from life when we just receive something in daily, we must add something to this life by investing some good efforts, enthusiasm, passion, determination, strong faith, embrace failure and let life works about what we can’t do and let life returns what we invest it with a multiple return, it’s law, even though we don’t have any big role in this life, at least we don't use our time to repeat what we know and what we are capable of something, we must train our mindset how to become a contributor by providing something that the country can’t provide it, here is for self-reminder; there is nobody has no meaningful purpose, everything we choose is started by making habit and ritual, whether we want to be the strongest person or we want to be the weakest person on earth

         Tough decision is very crucial because it will give us an eye opener, if we don’t make tough decision in the rest of our lives, means we don’t make any progress at all in any scope, tough decision is the part of how to build a happy life, when we pursue something that it can't create a longevity happiness, we must leave it soon, here is the formula how to build happy life; give something that 99% people always wait for it, if you have this kind of idea, your life will not be suppressed because you always make the flow of circulation between a pipe and water, here is the illustration; pipe is something you give daily to others whereas water is God's privileged where it is given to selected few people, remember; life will work optimally when we accustom ourselves to make tough decision every day, life will not ask to us to wait how the life works, it may take long process beyond our calculation, so we are just asked by life to leave a good legacy as much as we can and life asks us to trust the process.