The best revenge is move on, get over it and continue to succeed

        Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about how to continue a life journey by moving on our focus and enthusiasm to the right direction when we have met with setback or failure, sometimes we feel like uninspired, unmotivated, feel angry, feel undeserved, but there is still a good news as long as we are still alive, tomorrow is a second chance and today is the first chance, we can leave the past moment as mood booster and we start preparing a unprecedented opportunity for tomorrow, act of moving on our plan to another direction is a good choice, remember one thing; when we change our feasibility plan, it doesn't mean we will change our dream, when everything goes wrong, it is part of evaluation, sometimes God gives us to the wrong direction in order to know whether we realize or not with our commitment, as long as we commit with our dream, move on is just like steeping the stair, if we look at the ladder's philosophy, every step of ladder is designed differently from one step to another one, means, every step is the part of progress, not kind of setback, I believe that everyone has ever experienced with a bad situation where it may interrupt their inner peace, but if there is no bad experience in our lives, our lives will be bored and we will become a limited edition stuff because there is no new design, new innovation and progress at all.

        We shouldn’t get angry about a bad experience or we get betrayal from our friend, all is good for us because we will know about other people's bad characteristic, every bad experience is designed to increase our survival instinct and increase our mental age level, we should be thankful to everyone who has ever given something unpleasant to us, such as get betrayal, rejection, broken heart, get swindled, all we receive are the part of mood booster and progress, remember this note; the more problem we face, the higher calling from God is coming, means God wants to see our best response and best preparation, if our preparation is good enough, God will win your battle, Please don’t judge too early to something we haven't ever experienced because not all bad experience are bad, some bad experience can turn into wake-up call for someone has never learned something. always remember this note; if you get problem within your hands, means, God entrusts something meaningful to you and He leaves problem to you because only you are chosen to be His messenger, so everyone has possibility to become God's messenger, when you are entrusted with a great power, means you can make a better world with your own version.
           When you find something unchangeable like environment or a social circle, don’t get stressed about it because it is a sign that you must get it over with them and you start a new life journey tomorrow, maybe some people has ever experienced by receiving a low responsibility job or bad career, this condition sometimes very painful because at that time you feel your working experience is unappreciated, that's new chance to improve your current skill and you can leave that job, if you keep staying with job which can't appreciate your skill, you will feel uninspired and unmotivated, here is my note; this life is neutral, it can serve you with a good service when you do good deeds and life will become evil when you risk your life by trusting something or someone who can't be trusted, here is the best revenge to end your painful experience; change your unproductive ritual with a productive habit, refine your philosophy and become a man of value.When you commit yourself to become a man of value, you will be offered with many opportunity to succeed your career and you will not get stress about your past because you really understand about God's plan.


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