What is your level of urgency?

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to know our urgency level, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people are willingly to create the sense of urgency for themselves, but unfortunately they forget one thing; the miracle will not come when there is no urgency level in human's life purpose, as a result, the life circumstance will put a sense of desperate to type of people who love to postpone something important, the main reason why people love to postpone doing something important because their expectation level is higher than their capacity level and they reject the reality, at this moment let me explain why we need to urge ourselves to break our expectation level and start to make about the urgency plan because our freedom are restricted by time, reality, negative mind and space, if we don't urge to do something that it means to us,  we will never get chance to pursue a new chance, remember this note; expectation comes from satisfaction, money, reputation, mutual relationship, lack of curiosity, etc. If we don't break our expectation level, we will never have any chance to enter the urgency level, here is the benefit if we have a sense of urgency; we will never get pissed off about failure because we realize being patience during doing something consistency is the powerful weapon to resist the chaotic mind and we will succeed faster than other people's opinion.

         The first thing comes up to your mind about a sense of urgency; it's probably you think that you never get any chance to rest, that's totally wrong, it's just part of strategy how to freedom your life from the chaotic mind because a sense of satisfaction will create a chaotic mind automatically when you don't have any plan to build a sense of urgency in your life, let me share how to create a sense of urgency; you must think "what's purpose am I born on earth?", there must be a strong reason to answer that question, when you think about it, I am sure you will be curious and you start to make research from any reference, it comes from spiritual teacher, religion, environment, nature, philosophy, wisdom, animal, plants, etc. That's first lesson you have been given from life, besides that a sense of urgency also can be adopted to create a new career in business, here is a note you need to ponder if you have a plan to build business; “what kind of value you can provide every day? The second thing you need to ponder “how many people want to urge themselves to buy your level of urgency?” the third thing you should ponder “why people need your product/service right now?” If you can answer these kind of question right now, I am really sure you will have a sense of urgency and you will not dare to postpone what you want to do because you need to provide other people’s daily need, it’s look simple, but it’s hard to do, if we think what we do today can’t be postponed later, our existence will be more valuable than product or service. 

       Please remember; If you think your product/service can rescue the human's life from a chaotic mind, desperate, and a midlife crisis, please don't postpone to do it because there is God's existence within your service, you are within God's lifetime project, your resources will be more valuable if you do that project than you just sell a product which has been used by people occasionallyhere is the quality number one that you have a high level of urgency in this life; you have a high pain tolerance during you building a new career and you feel lifeless when you don’t do something valuable within 24 hour, now you may ask me “why do I need a high level of urgency in my life?” if you don’t have it, you are forced by life to work with a soul destroying job, in my opinion; if you want get an extraordinary life, you must avoid a soul destroying activity where it teaches you how to work for self-pleasure only, not building a high purpose to bring a million of good impact for everyone, if you only prioritize about your pleasure, you will have a poor soul and you will be forced by life to wear something you don’t deserve to wear it and you will live with chaotic mind and you will stick together with a pressure cooker.

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