When someone get angry easily, he needs love the most

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how to calm ourselves from anger, as we know human are emotional creature and every human has been graced with several intelligence, one of the most powerful intelligence is emotional intelligence, it has power to create a light and darkness for their heart, the light of heart can be represented by love, whereas the darkness of heart can be represented by anger, when human create love, it automatically can flow something benefit to the human's heart, such as grateful, fully appreciated, serenity, patience, etc. When human create anger, it automatically crash the logical mind and give a toxic in the human's mind, please beware about the power of emotion you have chosen because your future is shaped based on the quality of your emotion, don't hear wild notion where it can influence you to get angry, the human's emotional character is like the water, it can flow something benefit and also it can crash something meaningful, remember this note; when you are unable to awaken the power of love, automatically you are able to awaken the power of anger, now you may think about this question, “why most people get angry if they are able to create love?” because they don’t appreciate something valuable and they trust something which it can't be trusted, I have ever written in another article “life will give reaction when there is action” means when people get angry easily, because they preempt a bad judgment to their life and life automatically will give bad reaction to them, so we need to monitor our daily habit before it will be taken over by a sense of darkness.

Remember this note; life is designed to give reaction and nature is designed to give something reliable, if you see angry person around you, means he doesn't have ability to control where his emotional flowing current, if he doesn't want to feel angry, he must increase his survival instinct like what reptilian does to its environment, sometimes we can adopt the reptilian instinct to make sure we can fight our anger and we can continue our exist on earth, when we are trapped between rock and bottom, we shouldn't show an anger reaction, but we can use our survival instinct to keep alive and keep searching how to find solution, now the problem is“are you interested with bad reaction or good reaction?” if you are interested with good reaction, you will find a way how to find the nearest solution, but if you are interested with bad reaction, life will give a bad reaction to you and you will be punished with a bad reaction, here are the signs you are interested with a good reaction; you can create serenity, you can preempt harmony in the human relationship although there is dispute situation, we must understand that feel angry is not part of huge power, but it is part of self-punishment, if this condition is repeated over and over again, it can leave big hole destruction to the inner soul peace, before someone gets angry, he must build love and improve his survival instinct.

 This life will not give bad reaction if there is no bad action from the human’s emotional behavior, but unfortunately most people don't realize their power of words which it can create different impact to their lives, when people say to them "how can I do it? and "what should I do to avoid a sense of angry?", the human's survival instinct will grow up and it will give the possibility to find solution, beware of our words because it is very powerful, it can create inspiration or it can create desperation, the unpleasant thing which it happens in this life is not part of the life purpose, but it’s part of wrong direction where it has been created by human’s lack of survival instinct to fight their ignorance of knowledge, starting today, don’t get overworked  when you have job because it has potentially create a sense of anger and also please don't act casually when you have a clear target to be pursued because it will decline your survival instincthopefully after you read this article, it will help you to recognize where your power of emotional intelligence is going.