Why strong people love to learn difficult relationships

         Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share about the reason why strong people love to learn about difficult relationship, we all know that some people avoid to learn difficult relationship because they think being alone is better than being betrayed by other people, in fact, every difficult relationship is strategy how to build business, organization, leadership, and career, now let me share to you about several reason why strong people love to stick together with difficult relationship; here is the first reason why strong people love to learn about difficult relationship; they intend to build a life wisdom by collecting many failure experiment in the past, so if you think difficult relationship must be avoided, you will never learn something useful from it, now I start to understand why not all people are having passionate to learn about a difficult relationship because most people play as follower, not being a good student in any relationshipremember this note; bad experience can become a disaster when person repeat it and apply it as new daily ritual, whereas bad experience can become a good teacher to someone when bad experience can increase person's alertness "if there is no failure in this life, people will behave carelessly", sometimes bad experience are inevitable but it can create mastery if people are willingly to observe it, bad experience is needed to prevent the upcoming worse thing will happen, now I understand why people are trapped in bad influence's relationship because they just expect good thing will happen but they will never prepare a contingency plan to avoid a bad influence.

       In order to increase your personal life wisdom, sometimes you need one or two bad experiences with same person or same organization in order to increase your survival skill and increase your life pain tolerance, you can't develop your character when you don't ever taste a little of bad experience, don’t take too long commitment with wrong person or organization which they can’t increase your dignity because your peaceful heart must be salvaged in the long period of time, here is the second reason why strong people love to learn difficult relationship because every difficult relationship has offered a stress management skill, if someone dominates in that kind of relationship, he will be entrusted to control some people who have no leadership skill, when you have stress management skill, you will not feel disappointed because you don't make any expectation, in this section, I just want to remind you that every difficult relationship teaches anybody how to build personal branding, remember this note; don’t judge something bad early when you have bumped with difficult relationship, but the important lesson we can do individually is don't make any bad reputation, sometimes every bad reputation can't give you idea how to prolong good relationship, you would better to expect less when you build relationship because you will not be disappointed when there is something unfitted with your expectation, when you respect other people will give you value how to respect yourself.

         Here are some benefits if you learn from difficult relationship, your mental age is gradually growing because you will earn respect from other people, you will get a new client, your sense of empathy will help you to promote your product/ service, remember this note; every difficult thing in this life doesn't mean impossible to do, sometimes we too obsess with result, so we can't optimize what our hidden potential can do, “if there is no life test, there is no problem, if there is no problem, there is no learning process, if there is no learning process, there is no progress, if there is no progress, there is no new life, if there is no new life, our future is dead”, if life offers easy thing, our future will be bored, our soul will get desperate and our mental health get depressed because our life skill lacks of use.


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