Your future needs you, your past doesn’t

           Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share how prioritize our future and leave the past, the main reason why we need to leave our past and prioritize our future because past would move away from our time zone and it is no longer existed, we will never change the past history because the past time was obsolete, the more we want to go back in the past, the past would give us a sense of desperation and a sense of doom, there is no hope to rewrite the last history because the past time was no longer existed, we only have today as first chance to write a new chapter in our life story, we can learn something new and give a good design to the future, let the future works by its own way automatically, here is the important note; don't interfere the future's main job because the future itself has known about its responsibility, now let me explain the main reason why we shouldn’t back to the past because there was no path which it can be offered to us,there was no entry door to go back in the past, even though we act of repenting, it was pointless, besides that, if there was no time, there was no hope, if we ourselves insist to go back in the past, life would give us a threat, a severity pain and a miserable experience because we deliberately reject the truth.

           When we reject the truth, automatically we reject new opportunity which it’s being provided by the future, if we feel there were many setback and failures in the past, it doesn’t mean we have no hope at present time, but it’s part of progress, every failure and setback are not kind of the act of stupidity, it just God’s plan to leverage our preparation for the future, we will never know something about future because our knowledge are very limited, we don't have many choice to know something about the future because tomorrow is always mysterious, we are only being asked to keep growing our skill, keep improving our productivity and keep hoping to the future, that’s kind of God’s education system, remember this note; we are not being punished by God once we produce a new mistake or we keep doing wrong, but God will give us a severe punishment when we don’t dare to make new mistake and stop trying, that’s God’s wisdom, as human being, we are not entitled to determine a final result, but we are demanded to show some evidence that we deserve to get a reward from all great effort we made in the past, I think make a new day by writing a new story is kind of strategy of how to attract the unlimited potential, remember this note; if there is no preparation from today, we automatically will not get opportunity in the future.
don't return to the past because the path is broken

          Now let me give you the example in reality how to keep existing between the past and the future, if you look at the treadmill machine where it has been used by someone’s running, when someone runs into that machine, he must keep running in order to keep him existing in that machine area, if he wants to survive, someone must run because the machine is designed to keeps him going backward or felling down, the same thing with the past, if we look at the past more often, the past will make our mental strength is going decrease, finally we are feel unmotivated and feel unworthy, starting today, we must beware about the past memory because it couldn’t offer something benefit to us except it offers a sense of regret, whatever you will receive, either a good thing or a bad thing in this life, it's kind of life lesson which it can leverage your willpower, eventually you will become the tough person in whatever you do.


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