10 skills that are hard to learn but pay off forever

Hi guys, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about 10 skills that are hard to learn but can pay off the human's attempt forever, the main reason why I chose that topic because not everyone has possessed these skills, so let me share to you about several skills that are hard to learn but it can pay off your entire life; here is the first skill can pay off your attempt forever; having strong focus to do something in the present time and not worry about tomorrow or yesterday’s moment, this skill is the basic foundation how to build longevity happiness, if you commit to do it, it didn’t bring a bad thing anymore although how bad you were treated by situation in the past, if you possess the focus skill, today you can change your future life by focusing on one course of object till it is finished, here is the reminding note; don’t just become a complacent person and wait for anybody’s help because everybody has own responsibility, you can do something that nobody else is willing to do such as masterpiece, make sure you don’t do it for money and you don’t do it to get paid, when you discipline yourself with that mindset, I am sure your focus will increase at hundred multiple times because you show your responsibility to your activity.

Here is the second skill can pay off your attempt forever; having high confidence skill, I just want to remind you that skill doesn’t come from the comfort zone, but it comes from consistency, persistence, dedication, obedience, courage and discipline, you can practice from today by planning something you have never learned before and you start to leave your best legacy for your entire life, if your confidence can change your circumstance, life will change totally for you, here is the third skill can pay off your attempt forever; be a good listener, the main reason why we need this listening skill because new paradigm will be programmed within our subconscious mind when our soul starts to accept an advice, but unfortunately not everyone is willing to accept any advice because they think their lives pattern are better than someone who gives them an advice, so that's main problem why most people's destiny won't change at all, here is the fourth skill can pay off your attempt forever; Manage your priority list during facing tough time, when you possess this skill, you appreciate your time by prioritizing your productivity rate and you don't regret about what you did in the past, when you can manage your priority list, you will be able to control your destiny and your emotion as well, here is the fifth skill can pay off your attempt forever; stop whining, the main reason why we need this skill because it teaches us how to endure our own responsibility in the long period of time and this skill also teaches us how to prevent something bad will happen in the future.

Here is the sixth skill can pay off your attempt forever; having an empathy, this skill is much needed because it can give you an antidote how to reduce a pain’s side effect which is produced by other people’s severe pain, if you commit to learn this skill, your career will be fabulous because you can understand what other people’s problem and also you can solve every problem with calmness, here is seventh skill can pay off your attempt forever; speaking up in the public, if you train your mind to have this skill, you can promote your skill and your existence can influence other people’s emotion, so improve your speaking skill today as if you were speaking in the last moment on earth, here is eighth skill can pay off your attempt forever; being consistent, this skill is very expensive rather than common skill that human have, if you are consistent to do what you love, you will break your comfort zone and 85% your destiny will come to you in the right time, here is ninth skill can pay off your attempt forever; getting enough sleep, this skill is also important, many busy people can't get enough sleep, that is not good habit, make sure you can designate your time to take a nap during noon day, your concentration level and your brain memory will increase at multiple times if you do it constantly, here is tenth skill can pay off your attempt skill forever; being honesty with yourself, if you can accustom yourself with honest, every attempt you make will be granted with Almighty God and whatever you do will produce benefit to you and give another impact to other people's lives.


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