3 bad habits that making people lack of self-esteem

          Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have good day, today I would like to share about the topic “3 bad habit that making people lack of self-esteem”, the main reason why I choose that topic because these bad habits will decrease people’s dignity unknowingly, at this moment let me share to you about several bad habits that making people lack of self-esteem, here is the first bad habit that making people lack of self-esteem; build constructive criticism personally, maybe some people think making constructive criticism is good, but if you do it for yourself, your spiritual intelligence will not develop by itself because you just justify your criticism to your self, whatever you criticize something for yourself, your criticism seems always be right for you and you will not learn anything from it because you don’t get criticism from other people, if you build constructive criticism personally, you will behave like self-righteous person’s habit, if this ritual is repeated over and over again, you always reject new criticism from other people because what you say is always morally right, it’s dangerous habit even if it is approaching you, remember this note; whatever you think your criticism is good, it doesn’t mean there is something good for everlasting, the greatest criticism is coming from the toxic people, if you can defend yourself to accept any criticism from the toxic people, your mentality, spirituality and self esteem will grow.

          Here is the second bad habit that making people lack of self-esteem; feel complacent easily when people get small recognition, this habit will stop you to make research or it will stop you to know something new because you are not interested about your future design, if you behave complacent more often, your desire will lose its value because you don't maximize your potential, remember this note; our biggest enemy is regret and ignorance, when we don't use our potential maximally, our time will decrease something meaningful that we have been given, such as talent, optimistic and the power of belief, here is the third bad habit that making people lack of self-esteem; afraid to share your opinion in a conversation, this condition often happens in this life when people lack of experience during making conversation with newcomer, the main problem why people don’t want to share their opinion in a conversation because they are afraid one of their opinion will become the counter attack, in fact, sharing opinion to others is part of giving the value to others, if you are afraid to be giving, you can’t develop your own luck, hopefully you can avoid 3 bad habits above if you want to increase self-esteem.


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